Sunday, 8 October 2017

Review: Ego Hair Design – Watford

By Sikander Hayat

usually do not provide reviews for service levels at different business establishments but this one business has now forced my hand and I have decided to review any good or bad service I received  on this blog so that my readers have some sort of idea of what they getting into before they commit.  

This place is run by an Italian guy. This is a "cash in hand" place where no receipts are given.  The manager is not very welcoming to people of colour so if you are an Asian or brown/black person of any nationality, try to avoid this place. I took my boys to this place not knowing about the credentials of this place and he & his colleague intentionally made of mess of their hair just to make sure that I don’t turn up their again.   
He is successful in this scheme and we don’t go to this place any more.  

The address of this place is 105 The Parade, Watford WD17 1LU and is in Watford Town Centre.  
So make sure that even if you decide to use this business, you need to know what are these guys capable of.  

Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Poem By Faiz Ahmad Faiz - Sung By Iqbal Bano - Title is: Aaiye Haath UthaieN Ham bhi Ke Jinhe Rasme Due Yaad Nahi

By Sikander Hayat 

This is a beautiful poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz in which he asks the humanity to come together, to leave our egos at the door, to go and conquer the stars, to make this world a peaceful place.  Faiz wanted us to stop wars and look at the stars and our place in the galaxy, this universe. We humans are nothing but a spec of dust among all the stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies and all which surrounds us.  Listen to this beautiful poem as Iqbal Bano has done justice to it.

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