Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Poem By Faiz Ahmad Faiz - Sung By Iqbal Bano - Title is: Aaiye Haath UthaieN Ham bhi Ke Jinhe Rasme Due Yaad Nahi

By Sikander Hayat 

This is a beautiful poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz in which he asks the humanity to come together, to leave our egos at the door, to go and conquer the stars, to make this world a peaceful place.  Faiz wanted us to stop wars and look at the stars and our place in the galaxy, this universe. We humans are nothing but a spec of dust among all the stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies and all which surrounds us.  Listen to this beautiful poem as Iqbal Bano has done justice to it.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Is Donald Trump A Nazi? Hate Against Muslims & Mexicans Reaches New Levels

By Sikander Hayat 

Donald Trump is behaving like a Nazi by banning people from a particular religion from entering United States. This is what Hitler did by targeting Jews living in Europe.  A whole continent is witness to the barbarity and senselessness of collective punishment.  In 1940s, United States was on the right side of history but in 2017, America is on the wrong side.  Jews of Germany, Poland, France, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands and other European countries suffered because of one man’s obsession with one religion.  Hitlerblamed all the problems of Germany on Jews and found them responsible for the ills facing Europe. 
Trump is dishing out same form of collective punishment toAmerican Muslims. Even people who have green cards and have lived most of their lives in US are being deported from airports.
Although American civil society is fighting back by challenging his arbitrary executive orders in courts of law and one New York district judgehas already given a stay order on deportation, Trump is pushing forward his agenda of hate crafted by people like Steve Bannon
On the other hand, he is building a wall with Mexico and has asked the president of Mexico to not to come to United States until he also brings  a payment of 20 billion to build the wall. In last few years, more Mexicans are going back to Mexico than coming into United States as 
Mexico’s economy is growing and doing better with the help of NAFTA.  Abolishing NAFTA will create economic pressures on Mexico and will result in more Mexicans trying to come to US to get the jobs that Trump will destroy in Mexico.
In first few days of his presidency, Trump has created somuch hatred against women (by signing executive orders on abortion), against Mexicans, against Muslims, against blacks (by abolishing ObamaCare) etc.  It is hard to fathom that this man is in charge of the most important and powerful army in the world. He has the codes to nuclear weapons and can annihilate the life on this planet and he is angry.

Today, Yemen was attacked by American Army who killed eight women, eight children while attacking alQaida. Women and children were a collateral damage to a war which is being fought in Arabia, Africa and Asia.  It is time for Congress, Senate and Judiciary to stop this man before he becomes an even bigger menace to the world. 

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