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Pakistan Facing A Tragedy

By Sikander Hayat

This was going to happen sooner or later. With no clear direction, with all the people kept in dark, Pakistan was bound to face this indignation. Well done PPP, well done Army and well done to the impotent/corrupt/incapable politicians. You have succeeded in doing what nobody else could. You have turned Pakistan into a Greek tragedy.

Jang Group Online

‭BBC Urdu‬ - ‮پاکستان‬ - ‮’امریکہ چلا بھی گیا پھر بھی کارروائیاں جاری رکھیں گے‘‬

YouTube - Peshawari Dabang Lady


Israel & America - Israeli Prime Minister Rejects Peace

Hindu Newspaper In Muslim Pakistan

Pakistan Naval/Airbase Attacked

According to media reports coming in from Karachi, a large attack has started huge fires on the PNS Mehran.

Martin Crowe ‘seriously’ considering cricket comeback | Sport | DAWN.COM

Mein Tou Dekhoon Ga By Strings


Abb Khud Kuchh Krna Prrey Ga (Strings & Aatif)


Azerbaijan: "Running Scared", Ell and Nikki - Winners of Eurovision Song Contest Final 2011


Sain Zahoor - BBC 2006 World Music Award - Allah Hoo


Azlan Shah Hockey: Pakistan Beat India 3 - 1

By Sikander Hayat
Finally Pakistan beating India in something. Loss in cricket, a loss in hockey among others were really demoralizing. Pakistan playing India in the hockey will revive this sport in Pakistan. There are not many people playing hockey these days and the current team is ageing fast. It is high time that Pakistan hockey establishment look at the situation in great detail and use these victories in the field to kick start the sport in Pakistan. Hockey is after all the declared national sport in Pakistan and any help in saving this great game from oblivion in Pakistan.
Azlan Shah Hockey: Pakistan brush aside arch-foe India by 3-1

Still No Answers Given By Pakistan Army

By Sikander Hayat
It has been a week now and we are still waiting for the top military people in Pakistan to make us understand what really happened. Nobody is coming forward and all we are hearing is just idle gossip on our army's part. Pakistan Army is responsible fro the security policy of Pakistan and it is their duty to inform Pakistanis directly of what really is happening in our midst. On my part, I refuse to believe that Pakistan army did not know about the raid at all. Pakistan was told by the Americans that this attack was taking place so that they don't intercept their helicopters. Americans were in Pakistan for about three hours, the actual operation lasted 40 minutes and it is unbelievable that nobody knew what was happening amid loud explosions and gunfire. Unbelievable indeed. It will be better for the Generals to come clean & answer and to explain their part in this raid otherwise Pakistani people will not forget this episode. These people will eventually p…

Scotland independence vote could contain 'financial autonomy' option | Politics | The Guardian

I believe it to to be a much better option than outright independence. Despite a long English rule, Scots have maintained their sense of identity and furthering the financial autonomy will be a great leap forward in enhancing that sense. Also from the perspective of SNP, it will be better to have an option of greater financial autonomy because it will give them a better chance of winning the referendum.
Scotland independence vote could contain 'financial autonomy' option | Politics | The Guardian

U.S. Demands More From Pakistan as Details of Bin Laden’s Movements Emerge -

By Sikander Hayat

All Pakistan needs to say to America on this issues is that either USA stays away from Pakistan or its all over. If Pakistan has to be the 3rd country to be invaded by the Imperial power that America is, than so be it. Do what you do best. Turn civilizations into rubble and laugh about. Just because you have power does not give you the right to destroy anyone who does not obey you. Every empire eventually crumbles and america will not be any different. Actions of the american regime will bring that downfall closer.
U.S. Demands More From Pakistan as Details of Bin Laden’s Movements Emerge -

What next in Afghanistan?

By Sikander Hayat
It is very important that now when Osama is dead, USA leaves Afghanistan as soon as possible. After all, America attacked Kabul to capture Bin Laden and now when that task is done, is there an excuse to carry on? Pakistan would definitely like them to leave sooner rather than later to show the Pakhtun people of Pakistan and Afghanistan that invaders are gone and that there is no need to carry on fighting any longer. Let's assume that America leaves Afghanistan today, there are number of things that will happen:
1. Karzai government will start to weaken immediately
2. Taliban will take control of the Pakhtun areas of Afghanistan
3. India will have to leave Afghanistan in a hurry which will stop it from funding and training terrorists operating inside Pakistan, especially in the Baluchistan province
4. Pakistanis will have to finish the Pakistani Taliban in a hurry
5. Iran, Russia and India will start supporting Tajiks, Uzbeks & other non pakhtun factions
6. …

Pakistan Army Must Answer To Pakistani People

By Sikander Hayat

It is paramount in the wake of US attack on Pakistan in the dead of the night that Pakistan make a stand. Pakistan is on a slippery slope where they were not even trusted with a joint operation and now the time has come that even third class countries like India are threatening Pakistan. How Pakistan came to this place. This place where its leadership is now totally humiliated in the eyes of their own public. Pakistani public is asking questions about the capabilities of Pakistan military and it's intelligence services. They are rightly asking about the public money that is being used by Pakistan Army and which can be used by the government to build school,hospitals,roads e.t.c. Today's attack on Hazara town in Quetta (where terrorists operating from within Afghanistan at the behest of Indian RAW killed at least 8 innocent people and wounded many more) clearly shows the need for Pakistan to finally stand up to America. It is time to say enough is enough and if…

Obama Won’t Release Bin Laden Photos -

By Sikander Hayat
I believe it to be the right choice on Obama's part. He will get hammered for making this decision by the hawks in the republican party and may be some parts of establishment as well.
Pakistan army needs to answer some questions:
1. Did they know about Osama's hiding place?
2. Were they hiding him?
3. Why were American troops able to come so deep into Pakistan & no action was taken by the Pakistan air force?
4. If the Pakistan atmy is that incompetent then why are they in charge of the military affairs of Pakistan?

Obama Says He Won’t Release Bin Laden Photos -

Osama Bin Laden Dead - Killed By Americans In Abbottabad

By Sikander Hayat

Osama is dead. He died in very mysterious circumstances near Pakistan military academy and an American marine base was nearby as well. Hard to believe that nobody knew that Osama was living few miles from the military academy in Kakool.

Now that Osama is dead and apparently buried at sea. ( By the way there is no sea anywhere near Abbottabad for thousands of miles), there are other issue to be looked at.

It is very important now that Osama Bin Laden is dead that America leaves Pakistan for good. No more interference in internal affairs of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan has suffered enough already and will be well served by Americans going back home. More than half the budget in Pakistan is being spent on the war against militants who have risen due to American presence in Afghanistan.

Pakistan & Afghanistan have suffered beyond what they could handle due to Osama's attack on twin towers in America. Both countries were invaded by United States in the sense t…