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Is Donald Trump A Nazi? Hate Against Muslims & Mexicans Reaches New Levels

By Sikander Hayat 
Donald Trump is behaving like a Nazi by banning people from a particular religion from entering United States. This is what Hitler did by targeting Jews living in Europe.  A whole continent is witness to the barbarity and senselessness of collective punishment.  In 1940s, United States was on the right side of history but in 2017, America is on the wrong side.  Jews of Germany, Poland, France, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands and other European countries suffered because of one man’s obsession with one religion.  Hitlerblamed all the problems of Germany on Jews and found them responsible for the ills facing Europe.  Trump is dishing out same form of collective punishment toAmerican Muslims. Even people who have green cards and have lived most of their lives in US are being deported from airports. Although American civil society is fighting back by challenging his arbitrary executive orders in courts of law and one New York district judgehas already given a stay order on d…

Do You Want More Australian and Indian Immigration To UK?

By Sikander Hayat 
As per this story in BBC, Australia wants UK to open its doors to Australian immigrants in order for Mrs May to secure a free trade deal with Australia. Now as far as I can recall, the whole Brexit issue was about immigration numbers which stood at an influx of half a million people per year into UK. 
If Mrs May's conservative government signs such a deal with Australia or for that matter India (with India's 1.2 billion population ready to get on the next plane to UK), what was the point of Brexit and all the pain that country has gone through over the last year and will go through for many years to come. The main reason behind Brexit is an overflowing national health service, overflowing schools, overflowing roads, crowded cities without adequate housing and general lack of resources to accommodate a large number of people.

Any deal which ends up getting more people in to UK will be rejected by the people who voted to leave European Union and will be seen by a…

How The Economy Works? How to Fight Recession?

By Sikander Hayat 

This is a great introduction to how the economy really works.  This explains the basics in a way which you will not find in a usual text book. It covers all the following topics and more.

1. Credit  ( Can be instantly created out of thin air)

2. Economic Cycles  ( Borrowing Creates Cycles)

3. Productivity Growth

4. Debt Cycles ( Short and long term debt cycles)

5. Asset & Liabilities

6. Short Term Debt Cycles

7. Inflation

8. Interest Rates ( This rises due to high inflation)

9. Deflation ( Can lead to Recession)

10. Long Term Debt Cycles

11. Economic bubble

12. Debt Burden

13. Asset Values & Rising Incomes During A Boom

14. Unsustainable Debt Burden

15. Deleveraging ( Worst than Recession)

16. Austerity ( which leads to deflation and less tax collection)

17. Depression

18. Budget Deficits (Leading to taxation on wealthy)

19. Most of what people thought of money is actually credit

20. Government ( Print and Spend)

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Who Attacked Florida Airport?

By Sikander Hayat 

Florida Airport has been attacked by a gunman and eight people have died so far. Incident happened in the baggage area of the airport and so far it has not been made public who was behind it. 

First guesses will be made soon to suggest that it was a Muslim inspired by a Jihadi Ideology and soon someone in ISIS will claim responsibility.

Fox news will tell us how many ways Trump will punish Muslims and CNN will try to find motives other than Jihadi ideology. This sorry saga happens after every such attack and this time will be no different. 

The sick twisted logic of brainwashed so called jihadist will be used to tarnish all Muslims as it has been used in the past. 

There is a good chance that this and previous attacks will allow Trump goodwill among majority of  Americans to ban Muslims from coming to America. That is exactly what jihadists want as they see Muslims who live in West as a hindrance to the pure fight they are looking for. 

Extremists everywhere are gaining s…

Are Law Firms Involved In Money Laundering?

Tens of billions of dollars every year move through opaque law-firm bank accounts that create a gap in U.S. money-laundering defences, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. These accounts were used by suspects in a multibillion-dollar scandal involving a Malaysian state investment fund known as 1MDB, according to a Justice Department description of events. They also played a part in a Florida Ponzi scheme, in a case related to an official of Equatorial Guinea and in a dozen other U.S. money-laundering cases over the past decade, case records show.
Law firms lump together client money they are holding for short periods, such as while real-estate sales are pending, into pooled bank accounts, and the law firms face no requirement to disclose whose cash is in the accounts. Banks say they generally see only a law firm’s name. Money often stays in the accounts for only a few days or weeks. At the request of law firms’ clients, funds can be sent from the accounts to other parties, with s…