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Is Aamir Liaqat a villain?

Aamir liaqat has been turned into a villain overnight. Pakistanis do not believe in half measures. First you declare him a saint and now he is the biggest devil out there. He was never an aalim in the first place but the people adored him. We need to look at our own actions and decide if we were wrong in the first place. May Allah help us in making sensible choices.

Pakistan independence day

Pakistan celebrating its day of independence today. Zardari is in charge, sharif controls Punjab and Pakistan is suffering badly. I do not think that anybody cares. People who have left Pakistan will not  come back to a totally mismanaged country where there is no hope for the future. Pakistan needs change and need it now. Few more years like this and there will be nothing to save.

August of misery, riots, mayhem & fears of a second recession

By Sikander Hayat

A very hectic day at work with lots going on and the urge to prove myself to the authorities in charge kept me going through it. With Ramadan, it is very hard to keep oneself motivated and productive but may be that is what it is all about. Today, I left office at about 7:30 in the evening and reached home at about 8:50pm, just in time for the iftar.
While I was driving to work in the morning, I heard on the radio that 3 men of Pakistani origin have been killed in the mayhem which has engulfed all of England. These guys were trying to save their petrol station from being looted when this incident happened. British Pakistanis are very sad and this is one more blow for them as many of them have lost their businesses and livelihoods in this anarchy which has taken hold of England.
Many Pakistanis and people of other ethnicities have lost their life's work. A shop keeper whose shop has been looted and burnt to ground has nothing else to survive on. Tragic, very tra…

American Credit Downgrade

By Sikander Hayat

It is amazing to see the mighty like USA getting downgraded by the standard and poors rating agency. Amazing in the sense that this is something which seems so impossible and outlandish. I was at work yesterday when I first checked on my mobile that markets all around the world are having a fit. From Asia to Europe, everyone rushed to sell, resulting in major losses for all major stock markets.

London Riots

Absolutely bad day at work today . It seems as if I am spending too much time on the road. 2 hors travelling just one way is killing me. Ther e is blood on the streets of tottenham. Riots on the streets of London reminding me of n ireland.