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Massacre in Norway – Is This Christian Terrorism?

By Sikander Hayat

I do not think so. Terror has no religion and this one was no different. If a Muslim commits an act of terror, that is immediately called Islamic terrorism but that should not be the case. These men,no matter which faith they claim to belong, are terrorists and nothing but terrorists. There acts should not be claimed as Muslim or Christian terrorism. Brevik called himself a Christian crusader fighting to save the Christendom from the Muslim. Does that self appointment by him as a saviour of Christians all over the world make other Christians culpable in his acts of terrorism? There is no way that God fearing Christians can be blamed for the lunacy of this man no matter what he claims to fight for.

Timothy Mcvay showed in Oklahoma, Brevick in Norway and countless acts of terror in Ireland show that terrorism is a tool that people use to achieve different goals. Tamils of Sri Lanka ( who belong to Hindu religion) introduced the modern world to suicide bombings, killed …