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Hillary Clinton Very Emotional in Pakistan

Anjum Chaudry Is the Muslim Nick Griffin Spreading Hate In UK – UK Media Must Boycott Anjum Chaudry

By Sikander Hayat

Anjum Chaudry is an idiot who pretends to speak in the name of Islam and as a Muslim, I must say that his version of this great faith has nothing to do with Islam. He is the man who is trying to take advantage of the western media perceptions about Islam to make a name for him.
His views about creating a caliphate in UK is a far fetched idea that has absolutely no support among ordinary Muslims who know very well that there is not even a single Muslim majority country in the world where Sharia is the official law. How is it possible than that UK with 97% non Muslims could have Sharia.
Therefore my request to all thinking citizens of this great country is that please help to bring criminal charges against this man who is trying to spread hate in UK and is in no way different
from Nick Griffin of the BNP. This man must be brought to justice for putting the safety of law abiding Muslims and Non Muslim citizens of UK into danger.
The UK media must boycott his extremist vi…

Local people welcomes China's visa policy on Kashmir

Pakistani Taliban Are Enemies Of Allah - Repercussions of Peshawar Blast

By Sikander Hayat

Today in Peshawar the brave warriors of Allah again killed innocent children of Pakistan in a crowded market leaving lives unfulfilled, the sorrow of losing loved ones and deep deep hatred in the wake of the bomb blast. These people who have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent woman and children in the name of Allah are the real enemies of Allah. They pretend to fight for Allah’s cause but really they are the killers who get paid by the enemies of Pakistan to do their evil deeds. Pakistanis have had enough of this barbarism and there is a strong undercurrent against these so called warriors of Allah. Time is not far when anyone with a beard will refrain from going on the streets of Pakistan because people of Pakistan have seen the real face of these barbarians.

Allah says in Quaran “If you kill one man, you have killed the whole mankind”.
These so called Pakistani Taliban are puppets in the hands of Indian RAW and other foreign agencies and those who say that these…

Beautiful Pakistan & Her Many Battles

By Sikander Hayat

Pakistan is currently battling many enemies at the same time. Are we going to win these skirmishes or are we to be the footnote in history books. Future generations will write that these were the people who could not survive as a great country which straddled the land from the foothills of Himalayas to the shores of Arabian Sea. A vast expanse of land but filled only with short sighted hypocrites who sold their souls to devil to achieve their personal nefarious goals.

The list of fights that we have on our hands as a nation is long but some prime threats are out battle against the evil of Mullahism, our battle against American demands, our battle against Indian involvement in Balochistan, our battle against the corrupt elite of Pakistan, our battle against the ignorance of our masses, our battle against the incompetence of Zardari government and our battle against the humiliation visited upon millions of Pakistan while standing in long queues to get basic rations.

No …

14 Americans Die in Afghan Helicopter Crashes


KABUL — Fourteen Americans were killed in Afghanistan Monday in two incidents involving helicopters, making it one of the single deadliest days in America’s eight year-old war here.

Neither crash appeared to involve hostile fire, American military officials said.

In the most lethal of the two crashes, seven American servicemen and three agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration died when their Chinook twin-rotor helicopter crashed in western Afghanistan following a firefight with Taliban insurgents. Twenty-six people were injured: 11 American servicemen, one American civilian and 14 Afghan soldiers.

The crash followed a gun battle with insurgents that broke out when the Americans and Afghans raided a compound believed to harbor drug traffickers. The Americans and the Afghans killed more than a dozen fighters, military officials in Kabul said. The Chinook crashed as the American and Afghan forces were leaving.

It was unclear exactly where either the firefight or the …

Pakistan - Federal Govt may include 200 bulldozers in Balochistan package

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Mohammad Gondal on Saturday said the government was considering including the provision of 200 bulldozers in Balochistan Development Package, which will be announced shortly.

This demand was made today in a meeting between delegation of Balochistan including provincial agriculture minister, Asad Khan Baloch, MNA Changaize Khan along with federal agriculture minister and high officials of the ministry.

After the meeting, the minister told journalists that Balochistan was a big province area wise and the federal government would try its level best to facilitate agriculture in the province. Cotton, being a cash crop of the country, was successfully launched in Balochistan and its sowing areas would be extended to 50,000 acres of area in 19 districts. New varieties of cotton were also supplied in Balochistan and the minister claimed that all such experiments are yielding positive result.

A senior official of the ministry of food and …

Pakistan and Turkey to upgrade strategic partnership

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Turkey have decided to comprehensively upgrade their strategic partnership and intensify political and economic co-operation.

Addressing a news conference along with the visiting Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Gilani said Turkey and Pakistan stand united to defeat terrorism.

Both countries have agreed to increase bilateral trade from $741 million to $2 billion annually in the next couple of years. Turkey and Pakistan have also decided to launch a Chief Executive Officers Forum to increase trade relations.

The Turkish Prime Minister said Turkey and Pakistan are committed to bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He said from November 1, 2009, Turkey will assume command of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

Replying to a question the Turkish Prime Minister said there are 1,700 Turkish troops in Afghanistan serving under ISAF, and Turkey will not send any more soldiers to Afghanistan.

Thanks To Dawn

Wasim Akram's wife passes away

CHENNAI: Huma Wasim, wife of former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram, died at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India Sunday morning after being in criticial condition for the past five days. According to hospital officials, Huma breathed her last around 9.45 a.m.
Huma was suffering from sepsis (an inflammation of several tissues, including blood leading to kidney failure) and was admitted to Apollo Hospital Tuesday after developing complications mid-air while on her way to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore from Pakistan.
At Apollo Hospital, she was in the intensive care unit (ICU) since then and died Sunday without regaining consciousness.
Akram was married to Huma for 14 years and the couple have two sons, Taimur and Akbar.
A trained medical practitioner herself, Huma had a stint with some of the leading hospitals in Pakistan as a psychologist and a hypnotherapist.
Arrangements are being made to take her body back to Pakistan, sources said.

Pakistan Army - Security forces capture South Waziristan’s Kotkai

PESHAWAR: The army said Saturday it had captured Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud's hometown after fierce fighting as it pressed a major offensive against the militants into a second week.

Security sources said they had overrun Kotkai overnight after three days of aerial bombardments which had underlined the huge challenge facing the military in taking on the Taliban in their tribal heartland in the northwest.

With the militants continuing to carry out attacks country-wide since the army assault began, including one Friday outside an air force base, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said the unrest had hit every sector of society.

Although figures are impossible to verify, the army says more than 140 militants and 20 troops have been killed in the week-long army offensive to date.

Earlier Saturday, the military said another six militants had been killed in clashes with security forces in Kotkai.

While no current casualty figures were immediately available from Kotkai, several security o…

Efforts to hold Bosnia together have repercussions as far afield as Afghanistan

BOSNIA, scream some hysterical headlines, is on the brink of a new war. It is not. But it is deeply troubled. This month has seen the highest level diplomacy since the end of the war in 1995, in an attempt to break a deadlock that has paralysed its government for three years. The initial omens are not good. Unless a deal is struck soon, notes Zlatko Lagumdzija, an opposition leader, everyone can forget about serious change until after next year’s elections.

The Dayton accords, which ended the Bosnian war, formalised the division of the country into two parts: a Serb entity and a federation of Croats and Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims). Until 2006 the country was slowly becoming more functional. But since then progress has halted; the two entities cannot agree, for example, on who should own state property. Bosniaks in Sarajevo want a more centralised state. Serbs in Banja Luka want more autonomy, or even full independence. The European Union wants to shut the office of the high representati…

India Supplying Arms To Terrorists In Balochistan

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has come down hard on India. ‘We have solid evidence that not only in Balochistan but India is involved in almost every terrorist activity in Pakistan,’ Mr Malik said on Wednesday. On Balochistan, it is understood that, despite denials by both sides, Pakistan handed over a dossier on Indian activities there at the meeting between the Pakistani and Indian prime ministers in Sharm el Sheikh in July, capping a long series of complaints on the issue by Pakistan. What is notable about the claims of Indian involvement in Balochistan is that the international powers have not downplayed them. On the issue of Indian involvement in ‘almost every terrorist’ act in Pakistan, however, Mr Malik’s claim would appear to be an exaggeration, for it is well known that there are non-state actors inside Pakistan whose goal is to destabilise the state for ideological reasons that have nothing to do with India; indeed, many of those non-state actors regard ‘Hindu’ India as an …

Pakistan - A new security force likely

THE government is trying to create an alternative intelligence and military system in the country in trying to bypass the army and the ISI.

The same was experimented during their rule in 1970s and they are repeating it now. A new intelligence agency is also being planned along with the Federal Security Force.

According to a report, the federal government is likely to reintroduce the Federal Security Force (FSF), formerly launched by ZAB in the early 70s but dismantled by the martial law regime of Gen Ziaul Haq.

Sources close to the government, Minister of State for Interior Tasneem Qureshi, on special instructions of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, has been working on different ideas and plans to create a combat outfit to fight terrorism without engaging the country’s regular army in such unconventional fights within the borders.

After working on different plans, the state minister for interior has come up with the final plan of relaunching of the Fe…

Pakistan - 'We are aware of Indian involvement in Balochistan’

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that there is clear evidence of Indian involvement in Balochistan and that New Delhi should not be pointing fingers at Islamabad.

The interior minister said that India must be prepared to come to the table and discuss their concerns. He added that Pakistan is well aware of the Indian involvement in Balochistan and if given the opportunity, they will present officials in New Delhi with concrete evidence.

He was responding to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statements, when the federal minister warned that India should not hurl accusations at Pakistan as it is fighting a war on terror and is also holding trials of the Mumbai attack suspects. He said that India should respect Pakistan’s judicial system.

Condemning the twin bombings at the International Islamic University in Islamabad yesterday, the federal interior minister stressed that militants are now aiming to create panic in the country and that innocent civilians are being targeted.


The population of the UK will rise from 61m to 71.6m by 2033

Just over two-thirds of the increase is likely to be related directly or indirectly to migration to the UK.

If the projected increase materialises, the population will have grown at its fastest rate in a century.

But one think tank said the projections were based on trends over the past few years that may not continue.

National population projections are produced every two years to provide an estimate of future population which is used for government planning for pensions and the welfare state.

The latest figures show that if current trends continue:

* The population will grow by more than 10m by 2029, less than half the time it took to rise from 50m to 60m between 1948 and 2005
* The population of pensionable age will rise by 32% over the next 25 years to 15.6m, with the number aged over 85 more than doubling to 3.3m
* In 2033, there will be 2.8 people of working age for every person of state pensionable age - a fall from 3.2 in 2008
* By 2033, the population of England will …

The Economist - Larry Summers Speaks

Porter's Five Forces - Harvard Business Review

by Michael E. Porter

Awareness of the five forces can help a company understand the
structure of its industry and stake out a position that is more profitable
and less vulnerable to attack.

Editor’s Note:
In 1979,
Harvard Business Review
published “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy”
by a young economist and associate professor,
Michael E. Porter. It was his first HBR article,
and it started a revolution in the strategy field. In
subsequent decades, Porter has brought his signature
economic rigor to the study of competitive
strategy for corporations, regions, nations,
and, more recently, health care and philanthropy.
“Porter’s five forces” have shaped a generation of
academic research and business practice. With
prodding and assistance from Harvard Business
School Professor Jan Rivkin and longtime colleague
Joan Magretta, Porter here reaffirms, updates,
and extends the classic work. He also addresses
common misunderstandings, provides
practical guidance for users of the framework,
and offers a deeper vie…