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American Government Can't Even Keep It's Secrets Safe But Worried About The Safety Of Pakistani Nukes!!!

By Sikander Hayat

Someone managed to hack into the top secret US government files and took hold of 3 million odd pages of information. Those documents were then transferred to wiki leaks to be published, making them available to anyone with a computer. Smart work America. It is very rich hearing from you about this country not safe and that country not safe but what about you? Where is your top notch CIA? Who is protecting your nuclear secrets? Last time I checked two of your own scientists passed those to USSR to make their own nuclear bomb. Was that not an act of nuclear proliferation by some of your own scientists who went rogue.

This is becoming your habit now to lose your top secret files. First the Afghanistan files, then the Iraq war files & now all the data sent to Washington by your diplomats ( or shall I say spies in the disguise of diplomats). What is next? Codes to your submarines for a possible nuclear missile attack. May be or may be not. But until America puts its ow…