Who Attacked Florida Airport?

By Sikander Hayat 

Florida Airport has been attacked by a gunman and eight people have died so far. Incident happened in the baggage area of the airport and so far it has not been made public who was behind it. 

First guesses will be made soon to suggest that it was a Muslim inspired by a Jihadi Ideology and soon someone in ISIS will claim responsibility.

Fox news will tell us how many ways Trump will punish Muslims and CNN will try to find motives other than Jihadi ideology. This sorry saga happens after every such attack and this time will be no different. 

The sick twisted logic of brainwashed so called jihadist will be used to tarnish all Muslims as it has been used in the past. 

There is a good chance that this and previous attacks will allow Trump goodwill among majority of  Americans to ban Muslims from coming to America. That is exactly what jihadists want as they see Muslims who live in West as a hindrance to the pure fight they are looking for. 

Extremists everywhere are gaining support and this and future terror attacks will make sure that France, Germany & Netherlands have Nazis running the governments soon. 

The world is going down the drain right in front of our eyes.


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