Monday, 13 April 2009

Enemies of Pakistan – Don’t Turn Your Wishes into News & Analysis

By Sikander Hayat

I don’t agree with the collapse in six months theory purely on the basis that Pakistan has faced very dire moments in past as well. Especially when the Soviets were knocking at its door but it survived and prospered. Let not call your wishes news or analysis. Will Economist write an article apologising after six months when Pakistan is still there and functioning? Don’t forget it is a country of 180 million people. UK, France and Germany combined barely come close in population terms, if there are incidents of
lawlessness happening anywhere that is only natural in such a big country. Plus the war on terror has pushed all kinds of bad people from Afghanistan into Pakistan who are creating a lot of havoc but when does lack of proper law and order becomes a failed state is a million dollar question. So please keep the analysis objective and no so biased.

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