Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pakistan Indian Relations - India & Indian Lobbyists In Washington Try To Sabotage Kerry Lugar Bill

India has ramped up pressure on USA to not give Pakistan any aid for war against terror under the pretext that it will be used against India instead of the terrorists. There have been many attempts by the Indian politicians and lobbyists who work for India to that effect. Here are two of the stories where they have tried their best to thwart any attempts to recompense Pakistan for her efforts against the evil of Islamist terror:

1. Indian military chief blaming Pakistan for having more than enough capabilities in the nuclear enrichment field which is a cover for India to conduct more nuclear tests. Stories of failure of last tests conducted by India at Pokhraan must be read in this context.

2. Blame on Pakistan that it has illegally made modifications in the Harpoon missiles to allow them work on land as well.

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