Monday, 2 August 2010

Pakistan Floods – Thousands Dead, Millions Displaced

By Sikander Hayat

Pakistan is facing a catastrophe upon catastrophe at the moment. Earth quakes, terror & now the record breaking floods. Last time Pakistan had to face floods of this magnitude was in 1929 and the devastation this time is unprecedented due to fact that in 1929 most of effected areas were sparsely populated.
To rub salt on Pakistan’s wounds, the W58dest blames everything on Pakistan just because whenever their minds go blank the backup answer to every terror inquiry is “it must be Pakistan”. Pakistan is a country which lost most due to first the Soviet occupation & now the American/British occupation of Afghanistan. These two events have pushed more than 30 million refugees into Pakistan and have destroyed the social fabric of the country with many parts of Pakistan feeling the ethnic tensions. Karachi is the best example of this phenomenon where Muhajirs & Pakhtuns have a high degree of animosity against each other.
Government of Pakistan has deployed army for the rescue operations but the nature & the scale of the disaster is such that they can’t cope fully on their own and need outside assistance. I urge everyone out there to do their bit and help a people in perpetual crisis.

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