Pakistan’s Silent Majority Must Have Their Say To Take Pakistan Back From The Corrupt Political Elite

By Sikander Hayat

I am now starting to agree with Hasan Nisaar (prominent columnist for Jang & host of the TV programme Choraha) that it is the people of Pakistan who are responsible for their own plight. They have decided not to learn from their past and keep electing the same people & families to the national/provincial legislatures of Pakistan. All of Pakistan’s federating units have been made virtual fiefdoms of certain families. Why Pakistanis have resigned to the fact that Billawal Zardari & Hamza Shahbaz Sharif will run our future affairs? Why Pakistanis keep electing the same people again & again and then hope for change? Who is responsible for change? Pakistan’s election day turn out is roughly 30%, which means that 70% of the Pakistanis nation has decided to not have a say in any national elections. How can you expect change when you don’t vote? Pakistan’s destiny will only change when this voter apathy will end, when Pakistanis take it upon themselves to get rid of the ever present hopelessness and actually consider the election days the most important days in their calendar. Election Day is not a holiday to be enjoyed by staying home, catching up with friends but the judgement day. Every member of the legislature must be judged on his/her merits and those who have not fulfilled the hopes of masses must be stopped from getting back into the legislative assembly. This is the only way to change Pakistan. Those 70% who are quite, who blame everything on the government, who are educated, and who are aware of the democratic norms outside Pakistan but still chose to stay silent are the biggest culprits for Pakistan’s present situation.

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