West Must Stop The Slaughter of Women, Children & Other Innocent Civilians At The Hands of Israelis

By Sikander Hayat

Israel has hit UN compound in Gaza with three white phosphorous bombs which was inhabited by 700 Palestinian women, children and elderly people fleeing from the blanket bombardment by the Israelis on Gaza. The compound was on fire and the fate of the people taking refuge there is still unknown.
UN’s Ban Ki Mun has called this a grave attack on civilian population and condemned it but Western leaders are absolutely silent and by allowing Israel to flout international laws of war are actually becoming partners in crime.
World must understand that the fire of terrorism which is burning us all is fuelled by the images like that of coming out of Gaza. Preachers of hate like Osama Bin Laden have already stated to use this as a propaganda tool to recruit more people to his evil cause.
Even David Milliband, the British foreign secretary admits that the Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israelis and the USA’s direct collusion with Israel to that end is the biggest recruiting sergeant for the cause of Al Qaida.

The world must understand the situation and instead of allowing the killing and the occupation must come up with plans to some how resolve this festering wound justly either by “two state solution” or “one state solution”.
Something must be done as soon as possible because the consequences are unthinkable for the future of the Middle East and the world.


  1. What about the Hamas shooting rockets at Isreal? Just because their rockets dont do much harm does not mean they are wrong.

    Tell Hamas to give up as well before we start pointing fingers.

  2. Some of us are sending donations to Code Pink who are taking baskets to Gaza on International Women's Day.
    And some of us are also donating to the caravan from Britain:ia Palestina
    Here in Canada we have written to our leaders and MPs asking them not o support Israel's actions.


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