Israel Attacked Sudan During The Gaza Conflict

By Sikander Hayat

It has emerged courtesy of various news reports that Israel attacked Sudan during the Gaza conflict to allegedly stop weapons from Sudan to be shipped to Gaza through Egypt. Sudan has called this an act of genocide in which more than 100 people died. US sources put the death figure at around 39.

The underlying question is this; did Israel attack Sudan under the US tutelage to punish it for not complying with US demands regarding Darfur and South Sudan or was it an act by the Israeli government to tell Iran that it can be attacked anytime if it does not comply with the demands by Israel and the West to abandon its nuclear programme.

Under what international law, a sovereign country was attached and was this an illegal act of war. The legal dimension is important because Omar Al Bashir of Sudan is facing a charge by the internal courts and there are international arrest warrants in his name. Why is international law silent about this blatant violation and what sort of precedent does it set for other countries.


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