Pakistan blames Taliban for Lahore attack which leaves 11 dead

Saeed Shah in Lahore
The Guardian, Tuesday 31 March 2009

It had started as an ordinary day at the police school in Lahore, with a parade of the cadets at the front of the facility. But, at around 7.30am, the gunmen jumped over the low perimeter wall, throwing grenades at the recruits and firing indiscriminately. The 800 cadets, all unarmed, scattered.

"They came over [the wall] like guerrillas, wearing scarves over their faces. They came from three different points. It was a heavy attack, with grenades," said trainee Omar Butt, 22. "We crawled out [of the compound] on our elbows."

Others, who could not get out of the school, hid on the roof, in the laundry room, anywhere they could find refuge. On the first floor, in the sleeping quarters, Gul Hussain, 21, simply lay on a mattress, and covered himself with a sheet, for about two hours, until he was rescued.

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