PAKISTAN - Shahbaz Sharif Cleared By Supreme Court To Become Chief Minister Of Punjab

By Sikander Hayat

Supreme Court of Pakistan has reinstated Mr Shahbaz Sharif, who is the brother of Nawaz Sharif and memeber of Pakistan Muslim League ( Nawaz) as the Chief Minister of Punjab.
This is a very good development as it will bring much needed stabilty to the law and order situation in Punjab especially in the light of yesterday's attack in Lahore.

Governor rule in Punjab was a mistake and I have said that in my previous posts as well. During this governor rule in Punjab, there were two major attacks on Lahore which dealt a major blow to law and order situation in the province. Transfers of senior security officers from their posts were partially responsible for the above mentioned security lapses. I do hope that now Salman Taseer will be removed from his post or at least he will be told to shut up in future for the stability of the country. There is a need now to focus on the enemies of Pakistan both on the eastern front, the western front and those enemies which are amongst us.


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