Terrorist Attack Police Acedemy in Lahore , Pakistan ---- 20 Killed

By Sikander Hayat

In an attack in Lahore, Pakistan , terrorists have killed atleast 20 police officers in training and injured many others. This is a serious escalation and security situation will further worson due to this brazen and callous attack.


  1. Its really sad news one more attack in Lahore, today when I watch this news its makes me so disappoint, in start of march there is one attack in Liberty and now in end of march on Police Training Center, its make me to think about our security plan, police is not save, our lawyers are not save, what’s about the individuals?? They are safe ??

  2. I was shocked to hear this in the morning. This looks so similar to the 26/11 in Mumbai. Here too lot of policemen have been taken hostage; and terrorists are right inside the premises. The battle is stretching out. When and how will this danger to lives and limbs end? It's not one country's problem, it's everyone's problem.

  3. The fundamentalists are growing bolder every day, and seem to be hiding in plain view, yet are invisible until the attack, then disappear without a trace. How will Pakistan cope with these terrorists? Pakistan is already a fragile, almost broken state, and these people are determined to destroy it completely. The reaction must be swift and merciless. The whole country's existence is at stake now, more than ever.

  4. That is absolutly very very bad ans SAD news. Here I just want to mention one thing that Pakistan is not yet an 'almost broken state' or 'failed' state. People of Pakistan are still hopeful and trying there best to keep life tickling and till people of a nation are hopeful they will do everything to save there state no matter what else factors try to finish it.

  5. We have to focus on root cause instead of pointing fingers at Islamists, Indian or American. When you have criminals as your president, and share holder in the federal cabinet (Rehman Malik and MQM), and you offer power to people based on their ancestory and spend people wealth on bringing Belawal and his friends to attend joint session rather than spending those money on building schools and infrastructure for Pakistanis, then it is hard to convince people that they can get justice and their good days are ahead of them. Rather these people can become easy targets of evil doers to recruit and commit such crime against Pakistan since Zardari, Malik and co use bullet proof cars and Belawal and co live in Dubai or UK, as this is the only and easy target for these frustrated people.

    Also please stop lecturing on Pukhtoonkhwa, where you elect people as senator in return for a luxury trip to Dubai for a big chuck of MPs.


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