PAKISTAN - Terrorists Attack Lahore Again on 30/03/2009

By Sikander Hayat

To all Pakistanis, please wake up and call this atrocity what it is. Please stop trying to find a foreign hand; please understand that this is our war. We are under attack from our own. These people, who in Waziristan and SWAT leave hanging from the trees the bodies of their victims, are our own callous murderers.

The frequent nature of these attacks does not make them any less reprehensible. These people who on one day blow a mosque full of worshippers in Pakhtunkhwa and the next day attack the very heart of Pakistan are our own people. Please admit our faults, please look at the events with open eyes, please call spade a spade and stop tying to hide behind the bulls**t of “Muslims can’t do this kind of thing”. Well, they can and they are.

It is no longer possible to stay silent and see that amongst our own, the people we know, there are those who come up with conspiracy theories for everything, look for American hand in everything, and look for excuses for our own failures.
I ask people like Imran Khan (I like him and want him as our next leader), to finally give up the charade of this business of being “killing our own people”. No sir, we are not at war with our own people as these people want to make Pakistan a Stone Age country, they want our sisters, daughters and mothers to get imprisoned in their homes.
This is not Islam, Islam teach us humility, love and compassion for fellow human beings, Islam tell us to respect, women, elder and anything which is beneficial to humans even when at war. Let’s call these people what they are, they are our fascists who want a totalitarian version of their own perverted view of Islam to subjugate the free people of Pakistan.
Please speak up, please…


  1. Hi,

    First please this wasn't our war at all but now it is becoming our war. And it is absolutely a way to make this strong country so instable that it will never be a danger for any power in future. All this is a part of a big plan to kept control on a possible Islamic power already equipped with one of the best Islamic defense and nuclear weapons.

    Yes of course we are fighting against our own nationals plus some foreigners but all this is happening on the aim or for the benefit of something big and of world level. Be aware of that.


  2. Why Muslims weren't killing each other before? Not on these scale.
    Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. where ever America goes Muslim killing follows.
    Read what the some crusaders in America are writing, you will understand their evil desires.
    Muslims THINK! Muslims THINK! Muslims THINK!


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