United States Move To Engage Nawaz Sharif

By Sikander Hayat

United States has decided to work with Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan. I believe it will be a good move by United States to acknowledge that it needs to take into account all the major political opinions in Pakistan. At the moment, Nawaz Sharif does not need America but America needs him as he can not only help in devising an exit strategy for US from Afghanistan but also help America improve her image in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif represents a majority of Pakistanis who believe that US has used Pakistan for its own war and in the process destroyed Pakistani economy and wreaked its political stability. It is high time that US starts to let Pakistan make its own decision and stop trying to micromanage this country of 170 million people. US has for too long helped install dictators in Pakistan and in the process showed a myopic view of extreme nature as that policy has resulted in radicalising Pakistani people. It would also help if US government to aided the process of democracy and not individual figures here and there.


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