PAKISTAN - Baitullah Mehsud - An Indian Agent

By Sikander Hayat

Baitullah Mehsud has become the symbol of terrorism in Pakistan and Pakistan must get him soon to thwart this terror wave. He is the beacon of terrorism in Pakistan and was most probably involved in Benazir’s murder. He is being supported by India in his deadly mission to kill as many Muslims as possible while protecting Al-Qaida with the help of Indian station master based in Jalabad & Kandahar.


  1. Hi Sikandar from across the border,

    I appreciate your view on this whole thing. you say pakistan needs support from us Indians right? So where were you all these years when Pakistani terrorists were killing innocent Indians in Kashmir ? Why were pakistanis silent spectators when women were being raped and children sodomized all in the name of Allah and freedom ? Everyone knew that ISI was supporting this so why did none of pakistanis raise their voice? Pakis are reaping what they sow.

  2. Its bcos of ppl like tht Pak is doomed beyond repair. Blame every shit on India and then die!! I feel sorry when seeing bomb blasts in tv but when I come ppl across u on net, I feel happy tht u ppl die! U deserve it! Jai HInd

  3. This is it.See this is your BIG problem my friend.You are obsessesed with the Idea of blaming something on India to feel comfortable with the situation.Wake up and stop these Anti-India theories as it doesn't affect us at all.You are facing threats from your own soil and from your own home grown jihadists. Keep denying this and more innocent people are getting killed due to these jihadis on both sides of the border in name of Islam.Pakistan has pursued anti-india policies and any Hindu in your country is taken up and given a name of a RAW agent.We all know what treatment pak is giving to hindu minority.This machinery of terror is now biting your own people now.So as a intelligeent pakistani you should atleast realize and not give in to the anti india jingoism to divert attnetion from main issue.Jai Hind

  4. There is no point trying to convince these people that INDIA is not responsible for any of this......the fact that INDIA has consistently been on it's way to sucess,to achieve the second highest growth rate in the world, says it all...while pakistan has been busy making bombs and is a failed state today....need we prove anything further....

  5. while we have been busy trying to achieve a better living for our people,pakistanis have been hellbent on trying to destroy india,overlooking the needs of their own people,and the condition of their tattered economy bears testimony to india is time for pakistan to think abt their own good rather than wishing ill for others.......and stop feeding on the money from ur us masters....try and earn a living on ur own......selling the bombs and nuclear weapons that u hav made cud be a possible solution,becoz that is by far the only thing that u have ever done or achieved...


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