The Relationship Between Khadim & Makhdoom In Pakistan

By Sikander Hayat

These days it is becoming very fashionable to heap praise on Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani but shall we be doing it at the cost of facts.
Being from the same city of Multan as Yusuf Raza Gillani and Javed Hashmi, I can tell you that the Prime Minister may be a good wheeling dealing politician and he may have served prison for his beliefs but he represents the same medieval thought of “Gaddi Nasheens” which is so prevalent all over Pakistan.

Gillani’s own constituency is a mess and he gets elected on the base that he is a Syed (descendent of the Prophet (PBUH)) and a lot of people who are followers of his particular “Gaddi” live in his constituency. I can tell you that despite him becoming the member of the national assembly many times, the people in his constituency have never seen any development whatsoever.

I am aware of the fact that members of the federal legislature are supposed to do law making and not take care of local infrastructure but one need to be blind to not raise this issue in the parliament or appropriate funds for the city’s development.
The’ Gaddi Nasheens’, the ‘Makhdooms’ try to retain their power by marrying their offspring into families of similar credentials and Mr Gillani was no different when his son married the daughter of Pir Pagaro.

Please do not lionise these people until they start working for the common man on the street. They write their books to absolve them of the wrongs they have committed in the past but they are not worth a single word of praise until people on the streets of Pakistan see the benefits of increase in GDP and other financial indices.
To realise that common man is suffering, just come to the streets of Multan, and see for yourself. The irony is that Multan has given current Pakistan National Assembly a Prime Minister (Makhdoom Yusuf Raza Gillani), a foreign minister (Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi) and the leading light of Pakistan Muslim League (Makhdoom Javed Hashmi) and after all that ask the people of Multan if they have reaped any democracy dividend and answer will be resounding ‘No’. All these ‘Makhdooms’ have to become ‘Khadims’ to deserve any praise. These guys are the past, they should be discussed as people whose practices should be held as a guide ‘what not to do’ after getting into power.

We must work towards helping people understand who really is worth voting for, who has never worked for a dictatorship (Gillani was a member of Mujlis-e-Shura) in General Zia’s government) and who will not bring their own offspring to rule us. We don’t need any further Billawal Zardaris, Hamza Shahbazs or Monis Ellahis and for that we have to tell people the truth and nothing but truth.


  1. Very good comments and points. Keep up the good work. It will be nice if you could start one blog in Bilawal Zardari, especially who is paying the cost of Bilawal Zardari trips to US for UN meetings, who is paying for Bilawal and his friends trip and security cost when they visit to attend President meeting. What good does it do to the people of Pakistan. Is it worth a cost to poor people?


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