Reuters’ Blog “Pakistan - Now or Never” - A lopsided commentary on Pakistan

By Sikander Hayat

Reuters is a very reputable organisation but when I read through the above mentioned blog which is an ongoing commentary on the events in Pakistan, I was forced to change my opinion. This blog is the most unbalanced view an organisation like Reuters can put forward and I would like to ask its administrators to look at the way it is being conducted.
1. The blog contributions on this blog are mainly made by Indian authors and keeping India Pakistan relations in mind, it is a given that this blog is extremely biased against Pakistan

2. There are very few people who make comments on articles who are not Indian, the main contributors to this blogs comments are Anitha, Anup, Sanjeev, Rajiv and some other Indians who naturally have nothing fair to say about Pakistan. No matter what the topic of the blog is, these guys talk about ISI, End of Pakistan, Failed State, Rogue State and expressions of similar nature.

3. ‘Pakistan – Now or Never, apart from being a tool for Indian propaganda must pay some attention to the facts as well as if this was a blog by an Indian organisation, I would not have any problems with its Indian rooted propaganda but Reuters is supposed to be neutral.


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