Wake Up Pakistan – This is Your War & You Have to Fight It

By Sikander Hayat

Another suicide bomber has blown himself up in a worship place for Shia community in Chakwal killing 22 people.

Another day, another bomb, another atrocity committed in the name of Islam by those who believe that apart from them all other Muslims are ‘kafirs’as today’s attack was perpetrated on a religious place for Shia community.
Once again it will be agonising to listen to right wing Mullahs and their following in general public who still think that this is the reaction for America’s war in Afghanistan.
Please wake up from your deep slumber and at least say that this is bad. If Pakistan needs something today very badly, that is the consensus on what we are faced with. This consensus has eluded us so far but with any luck there will come a point where the “thakedars” of Islam will take notice of the mounting piles of dead and say that what is happening to our country is wrong.

Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi in his column in Daily Times says that “Pakistan is under siege by religious extremists and hard-line groups that are using violence in an indiscriminate manner to create fear among the people and threaten the Pakistani state in pursuit of their narrow, intolerant and bigoted socio-political agenda in the name of Islam”.

He also talks about the doubt and lack of consensus in Pakistani political class when he say “This growing threat has not produced a broad consensus in political circles about terrorism and how the state and society should cope with it. The overall disposition of official and non-official circles towards terrorism is generally ambiguous, and they lack the much-needed unity of mind on who is to blame and how this problem should be handled. This confusion runs deep in society as well as government, as well as the military and intelligence agencies. Divided or weak political will is the main reason for the inability of the Pakistani state and society to cope with terrorism”.

I believe that this is the main problem with the Pakistani counter terror activities that many of the own countrymen believe that this is not our war. I know that India’s RAW is paying these so called Jihadists to wreak havoc in Pakistan and to support such people who are in the payroll of our enemies is a crime in itself.

I would like to ask the readers of this site to comment on this issue today. When will the general public and some of our politician say that this is our war and we have to fight it?


  1. After such a good analysis, why is the blame deflected towards India and RAW? The enemy is within, you dont have to look outside. Your analysis is good, but a little more thought is required.


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