PAKISTAN - Who Was Behind the Murder of Three Balochistan Nationalists?

By Sikander Hayat

When I heard this story yesterday, my heart really sank as I was aware of the consequences of this atrocity and very soon my fears were realised when rumours started spreading that these guys were killed by the secret service law enforcement agencies.
I do not know who killed them but it was a very effective stab at the heat of Pakistan.
We all know that since Pakistan started working on the Gwadar project, nothing but open aggression has been shown by its near and far neighbours.
Keeping on one side the foreign interest in Balochistan, it is the duty of every Pakistani to condemn these killings and for the first time I am finding myself in a position to say that Altaf Hussian and MQM were the first party to condemn these killings and they did it with force and vigour by saying that MQM will support the call for strike all over the country and that all the countrymen are saddened by this cowardly act.

Other national parties must do their best to help Balochistan and its people as Pakistanis and make them feel that they are as much part of Pakistan as any resident of Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh, Azad Kashmir or Northern Areas.
People of Balochistan, I ask you to see through the enemies tactics and work for an equal, just and prosperous Pakistan.


  1. Until yesterday it was Mushrraf blamed for Bugti murder now who done this when Mush is far from power of corridors.

  2. it is common occurrence that the intelligence agencies in pakistan murder people.this is true for all provinces including punjab.

    however when it happens in balochistan it goes against pakistani federal system.

    in all probability these three were murdered by some intelligence agency as my sources indicate.

    now some recapitulation of achievements of paki military intelligence:--

    1-Failed to detect 35 miles Indian infiltration in siachen in 1983-84.

    2-failed to locate indian armoured division in 1965 at the DMI level--the DMI recieved reports but dismissed them as indian deception a reward he was promoted corps commander in 1971 and again miserably failed as commander 1 corps


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