Pakistan - Terrorism Must Be Dealt With an Iron Fist in Balochistan

By Sikander Hayat

Pakistan is facing a great challenge in Balochistan but it is still showing a great degree of restraint unlike Iran which recently hanged many of its own Balochis for bombing a mosque in Sistan Balochistan. Instead Pakistan is trying to solve the issue by diplomatic means by giving more powers to the provincial government of that province. But there is a feeling in Pakistan that enough is enough and a Swat like operation is required to cleanse the Baloch land of terrorists and their allies to stop the killing of innocent inhabitants in that province especially Quetta. Pakistan must work very closely with Iran to obliterate this disease from our land and learn from their experience of successfully implementing a solution to their once festering problem.
There comes a time in the history of conflicts when gloves have to come off and Pakistan government must take that decisive action to destroy terrorism and its sympathizers (India has just admitted her own guilt in Balochistan terrorism) in our land.
Here are some articles relating to the situation in Balochistan:

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4. India Involved in Balochistan Terrorism

5. Karzai agrees to shut down RAW camps training Balauch terrorists


  1. Well. This is wrong to launch an other military operation in already devasted Baluchistan. Baluchistan solution is political and it needs political healing touch, highhandedness will further deteriorate situation taking i to point of no return. Military operation in very bad an idea.

  2. Dear Mr Khosa,

    Thanks for your comments. I very much appreciate the time you have taken to contribute to the debate.

    I agree with you that military option should be the last option but it is definitely part of the solution for Baluchistan. Pakistan never had any military presence in Balochistan and that fact left a security vacuum in this vast province. That vacuum is now being filled by the forces hostile to Pakistani state with the help of our hostile neighbour to the east i.e. India.
    Also in Pakistani context establishment of cantonments is a good thing as we have most military cantonments in Punjab and that has brought prosperity to the neighbouring populations. Sindh and Pakhtunkhwa are next in the number of cantonments. Establishing these Baluchistan will bring much needed skills and experience to kick start the industry and other areas of business. So in Pakistani context military is always part of the solution for any problem.

  3. Mr. Sikander.Thanks for your comments. Being blogger I think it is your responsibility to have impartial view about the state of affairs all around. You are highlighting establishment views, that I don't think is correct as far as you and your professionalism is concerned. I think you know Baluchistan is most neglected province and had suffered a lot of crackdowns that have deteriorated the situation and had created security vacuum.Baluchistan has more military mobilization than sindh, Punjab and NWFP.As far as cantonment are concerned, you must be knowing some most perceived and genuine rights of Baloch people are still usurped by establishment. First maximum provincial autonomy should be granted to province, then security steps should be taken. Sir. You must know Baluch in Baluchistan has deep grievances and a lot of them have lost trust in state. First measures should be taken to restore their confidence, boost up the province socio-economically, then security would defiantly become good. When you won't give people their rights, they have to take guns, similar is the case with Baluchistan. First all rights should be given, then cantonments all these stuffs should be considered.Regards.

  4. Mr Sikander, I am happy to see a post which is neutral in its nature. I would give out a few facts which may not be acceptable to many, but are true. Army is present in Balochistan since very long, but not for law enforcement and crushing the citizens, it is in the form of three training institutions and a corps which is purely there for the purpose of readily responding to any unforeseen event(foreign involvement) on the western borders. Now I come over to the other part, I have stayed in Balochistan for somewhat 20 years, and I did not find any sentiment against Pakistan till 2005. The involvement of CIA, Mossad and RAW was confirmed by many sources and evidence was presented to all the high ups. The US senate is behind all this nowadays, and the proof is, that Grossman International Institute is sponsoring the separatist activities openly, including funding of the leaders and activists. A common baloch is still not part of this game.


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