Giligit Baltistan on Its Way to Becoming A New Federating Unit of Pakistan

By Sikander Hayat

According to Dawn newspaper “The Northern areas will be renamed to 'Gilgit Baltistan' and will have a province like status, Prime Minister Gilani announced on Saturday.

In a special cabinet meeting, the government approved reforms package for the Northern Areas during which the PM stated that the area will be given full autonomy.
Gilgit Baltistan will also have its own assembly council with a total of 15 members.
There will be a governor, chief minsiter and six other ministers of Gilgit.
Pakistan Muslim League - N (PML-N) has welcomed the approval of self-governance for the Northern Areas, saying PML-N would support every step which aimed to bring people of these areas into the mainstream”.

I believe that this is a very good and long overdue development and must now be a great step towards giving Gilgit Baltistan full provincial status. This area of Pakistan has long suffered due to being incorrectly linked with the Kashmir problem and work has now started to de hyphenate it from Kashmir.


  1. it is realy beautiful and just like paradise

  2. I have read much about baltistan, and as an outsider do not wish to interject where I do not belong but have developed a desire to visit what sounds like one of the most amazing places on earth.

  3. Great place for the the Chinese to drive a railway through to the Pakistan coast . . .

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Your comment is based on a story fabricated by the Indian media. Total lie based on a series of lies to divert attention from the Intafada in Indian occupied Kashmir.


  6. May i ask why Punjabi are more in army? British was very happy from punjabi army but why? the sindhis were labelled as non-martial race by the then Great Britain why? actually you are disguising the facts.the punjabis were loyal to the english people who were non-muslims, and are still loyal to their lords. the sindhi people were calling the english man as :Kafir: sindhi were not ready to shake hands with Kafir?
    while punjabi army has stories of killing muslims in british era including HUR MUJAHID TEHREEK. After pakistan was made, PUNJABIS occupied it, simply because british wanted to make their loyals happy. And Pakistan was just a gift for the LOYAL PUNJABIS!NOT More than this!its truth that punjabis are basically MUNAFIQ,


  8. Punjabi, Balochi, Pathan, Sindhi, Baltistani saraiki ....we all are same .....Pakistani.....america is a nation based on so many different racial ethni groups but but there is one motto..united we stand....and thts why thaty are ruling the world...we pakistani are also..united and one and the same...and any body who is spreading hatred messages are doing just an attempt to promote hatred among us all..bless u Pakistan and Pakistanis :)
    peace all

  9. Dear All,

    Thanks for all your comments and I hope that you will keep contributing to the debate on the future of Gilgit Baltistan.

    Many Thanks
    Sikander Hayat

  10. Dont worry Guys, carry on the develpment activities, Kashmir is always an Integral Part of India. Soon, its going to merge in india by 2026, wait and watch

    1. Kashmir was and will be an integral part of India, dude I think 2026 is too far, as per the latest update, by 2021 the so called Azad Kashmir which is "POK" will have Indian administration. JAI HIND.


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