Pakistan – Blood of Innocent Women Spilt Who Gathered In Karachi to Get Aata

By Sikander Hayat

What has happened to the sanctity of human life that we seem to not care about it anymore? The incident in Karachi where many women died in a stampede while trying to acquire a few kilograms of a basic life necessity like
aata is the most unfortunate one and caused due to the greed of the ‘chosen’ few who seem to think that Pakistanis are their inheritance and they can be spent as such on whatever adventure they happen to have in mind.
No doubt there will be outcry in print and electronic media and promises of an investigation will be made but I have no doubt in my mind that no real culprits will be punished because the real culprits are not the people on the accident scene but those who live in the corridors of power in
Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta & Peshawar. They have people among them who preach democracy day & night but hoard large quantities of a staple food of normal Pakistan and create artificial lack of supply.
All Pakistanis must condemn this unfortunate incident and when the next election comes, please don’t vote on the basis of tribe but vote for those who have helped us and vote against those who have not delivered. Then and only then we can make our country prosperous and our people happy.


  1. Dear Sikander,

    Thank You For The Comments.

    " Interference in Pakistan’s national affairs is increasing every day and there is a need to put an end to this. "

    But There Is Also One Real Fact That Applies Both On An Individual Person's Life And On Nations Too, That Is ;

    " When Destroyed By Our Own, Who Need Enemies ...... Enemies Join Much Later ".

    I Hope That You Will Understand What I Mean To Say Here.


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