Pakistan Giving Internal Political Autonomy To Gilgit Baltistan

This article (Read the Article at HuffingtonPost)is a complete fabrication and overlooks the basic fact that Gilgit Baltistan has been trying to join Pakistan proper for a long time and if anything the criticism has been on Pakistan government for not giving complete provincial status to Gilgit Baltistan.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with Gilgit Baltistan and its people and not a biased Indian like Madhavi Bhasin knows that this area wants to merge with Pakistan but because of the reasons of international law Pakistan is waiting for India to agree to a referendum in the whole region of pre 1947 state of Jammu & Kashmir but India is not allowing this to happen hence putting Gilgit Baltistan and other areas of Jammu and Kashmir in limbo. All Pakistan government is trying to do is to relieve some of the pain by giving the people of this self rule and province like powers with a legislative assembly, a chief minister directly elected by the people of Gilgit Baltistan. If this is not a right step towards complete democracy than what is??


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