Why Can’t All Pakistanis Celebrate Eid On The Same Day?

By Sikander Hayat

Pakhtunkhwa government has request federal government of Pakistan to link the Eid days in Pakistan with Saudi Arabia. This move has been made to stop the confusion which occurs every year in Pakistan about the actual day of Eid where sometimes it is common to witness Eid on two or three different days in some parts of the country.

I believe that it is a very good suggestion and must be discussed further as after all we do talk about Ummah a lot and what better way to have this claim established fully in the conscience of Pakistani nation than by starting every Islamic month with Saudi Arabia.
But straight away the rebuttal came from the so called saviours of Islam who slammed this move as un-Islamic and tried to put it down swiftly.
My suggestion to these people is that un-Islamic is their behaviour to divide Muslims by giving them different dates to celebrate Eid and to keep letting this happen in future will be a great disservice to Islam in Pakistan and not the other way round.


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