Tony Blair Admits To Lying Over Iraq Invasion - Is There A Case For A War Crimes Trial?

By Sikander Hayat

Tony Blair’s admission that he would have invaded Iraq even if there were no weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair has admitted what everyone knew from the first day that there were no weapons of mass destruction and the whole thing was fabricated by Bush & Blair to get their hands on Iraq’s oil.
Millions of people came to the streets to oppose this war and stop the war from happening but little did they know that war plans were already in place and Hanz Blix was wasting his time in Iraq.
Kelly’s death is still an enigma and Hutton report a big cover up.
Iraq war was the most unlawful war in the post WW2 era and people like Colin Powel lied in front of the general assembly to get a resolution in favour of this illegal war but still failed to fool the world. The war mongers Bush & Blair still went ahead and killed at least 500,000 people in the killing fields of Iraq.

What Blair & Bush have started will be hard to finish and the mistrust between these two countries and the rest of the world is the legacy of Bush/Blair era and these two must be brought to courts of law as were Hitler’s generals because human life is sacred and hundreds of thousands of people died and are still dying everyday
due to the results of actions of these two people.


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