Banning “Islam for UK” Is a Very Good Move - Now Put Anjum Chaudhry in Jail

By Sikander Hayat

UK government has banned the outfit run by Anjum Chaudhry. The name of this outfit was “Islam for UK” and was connected with Al-Muhajirun which is an umbrella organisation for these so called defenders of Muslim faith. These guys were planning to hold a march in Wootton Bassett (this is where bodies of fallen British soldiers are brought to pay respect), against the British army for their participation in Iraq & Afghanistan wars. Now personally I don’t think that Iraq ware was a just war but still a soldier who dies fighting for his
country must not be disrespected be it British or Iraqi. What Anjum Chaudhry was trying to do was despicable because he has no sympathy for Muslims anywhere but he is a cheap & vulgar popularity seeker who wants to defame Islam, make life miserable for British Muslims and jeopardise community relations just for his own evil plans. If he was doing all this in a Muslim majority country, by now he would have been hanged by the court of law. I urge the British government to bring charges against this man for spreading hate so that the damage he has already caused can be reversed. This step is necessary for the future of race relations in Britain and to act as a deterrent against any preachers of hate be they Muslim or non-Muslim.


  1. Reading this post I realized you have personal animosity with this very person, excuse me if I am wrong. There are two rather Valid reasons I am saying so; You have failed to write comprehensively about this person and the organisations he runs; secondly You have misinterpreted the event Mr. Chudary was going to hold as he wasn't going to disrespect dead bodies of UK's soldier rather he was trying to stag a demo against war in Iraq and Afghanistan but it is reality a many of the British public don't support this "unpopular war" either. So there was nothing bad in it. Sir, My conclusions may be wrong but your post was too short as it doesn't describe how Mr. Chudary is jeopardising community relations? or how he is spreading racial hatred? or anything is organisation does? Sir, you sound a new blogger, i reached to this uncomfortable conclusion as your above contents don't provide full picture of story to your readers. Well Mistakes makes the man perfect. However, its very interesting blog as it is precisely written but this post in particular too precise to cover up the whole story. Regards. But do share information vis-a'-vis this person and his organisation.

  2. Not just put Chaudhry in jail; in fact hang him upside-down and make him say 'I am Anjum Chaudhry' 100,000 time. You will be amazed that after a couple of hours he will start to hate his name because it will sound too long....
    Just give it a try...

  3. 100pct agree. ac represents noone but his band of idiots.


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