Killing Fields Of Lyari Town, Karachi

By Sikander Hayat

Lyari is considered one of the most dangerous places in Karachi due to ubiquitous gang activity and a thriving narcotics industry; certain areas of the town are literally controlled by gangs and municipal authorities have no power. Hence, the town has also been the site of many police operations. The two biggest gang leaders in Lyari were Rehman Dakait and Arshad Pappu, who were the most-wanted criminals in Karachi. Rehman Dakait died in a police operation and allegations about that police encounter are still flying around.
Lyari is considered as the most backward area. Few schools, no proper hospitals, poor water system, not much facilities, broken roads are a feature of this area and made it the most dangerous place in Karachi.Last few days have seen the level of violence in Lyari go up to previously unseen levels. There has been so much bloodshed in Lyari because of a dangerous mix of politics, gangland activity, narcotic trade and ethnic animosity between the Baloch & Muhajir communities. The Baloch gangs are supported by the Pakistan Peoples Party, while Muhajirs are aided by the MQM. Both these parties are in a coalition in the federal government and the Sindh province. This coalition is becoming more and more fragile with each murder. There is currently tit for tat killings going on in Lyari. This battle is currently limited to Lyari but does have the potential to spread across Karachi if PPP & MQM don’t stop there foot soldiers in Lyari from further confrontations.
Lyari is a strong-hold of PPP in Karachi. The Pakistan Peoples Party has always won from Lyari but unfortunately they did not provide much attention towards the rehabilitation for the people of Lyari even during their government. It seems that no government ever considered Lyari as a part of Karachi, even the recent
city government. Current violence also has its roots in the deprivation of the people living there. In an area where there are no jobs, young people find it natural to join criminal gangs.
Lyari Town is one of the eighteen constituent towns of the city of Karachi, in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is the smallest town by area in the city but also the most densely populated town. It is bordered by the towns of SITE Town to the north across the Lyari River, Jamshed and Saddar to the east, and Kiamari to the west across the main harbour of Karachi. The population of Lyari Town is estimated to be over 600,000.
PPP and MQM will do well to stop the support of their local gangs and start some developmental work in the area. Also they must understand that supporting criminal gangs as political entities in the Lyari area especially and
Karachi generally will not prove to be successful policy in the long run. Original political activists who do not have criminal record should be given a chance to contest elections. Don’t turn Lyari into an India like situation where many convicted and non convicted criminals are sitting in their both houses of parliament.

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