Top Six Steps West Must Consider In Order To End The War In Afghanistan

By Sikander Hayat

1. Afghan insurgents are part of the fabric of Afghan society, can never be defeated just by force and there is a need for a political settlement.

2. West will have to talk directly to Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar as they are the two major stakeholders in the talks.

3. It has to be accepted that Pakistan is the main force that can help resolve the issue of Afghanistan. Pakistan has said categorically that it is talking with all levels of Taliban leadership to bring a lasting peace to Afghanistan. Afghan & Pakistani presidents met in Turkey before the London conference to discuss ways of dealing with Taliban. Real decisions are going to be made among Afghanistan & Pakistan, not the nearly 70 countries who met in London today.
4. India & Pakistan cannot coexist in Afghanistan. To get Pakistan’s help, the current occupiers of Afghanistan will have to ask India to leave that country. For last 9 years, India has tried to side-line Pakistan in Afghanistan but has not been able to do so. It has spent millions of dollars on setting up its consulates all along the Pakistan border and used these so called consulates to finance terrorists in Baluchistan province of Pakistan. After all these efforts, India has not managed to stop Taliban or Pakistan from being the major factor in AFPAK arena. Because of this reason India sees any return of Pakhtun majority rule in Kabul as a victory for Pakistan.
5. Karzai must stop putting the corrupt warlords in government and stop them from inflicting harm on the general public. People like Dostam have so much blood on their hands that it puts Taliban into shame.
6. The West will have to accept that Islam is the way of life in Afghanistan and if it tries to westernize the Afghan system, it will fail miserably. In fact that is partly to blame for the failure of last nine years.

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  1. There is no evidence of Indian involvement of in Baluchistan. Furthermore, to whom you are calling terrorist they are not regarded so here in Baluchistan. They are not terrorist.

  2. Dear Khosa,

    You must have heard this phrase; "One man's terrorists is another man's freedom fighter". People who are killing college professors just because they belong to a different race are nothing but terrorists.


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