An immigration row in Germany: An Impure Fatherland?

By Sikander Hayat

Germany like all of the main western European countries is going through an identity crisis. German football team which in the past rarely had a player from non German background in now full of players whose parents descend from different parts of the world. This applies to the whole German society, where Turkish immigrants and their children are now visible in all walks of life. Fatherland, which was once all Germanic has now some Turkish blood running through its veins. Just like when human body is introduced to blood from outside and it takes time to adjust to this new arrival, German body is trying to come to terms with this foreign blood. This is going to be the deciding factor of the 21st century that are we going to see a peaceful transition from a world where countries/societies are nearly ethnically homogeneous to a world where no country will remain "pure".
Germany and for that matter all major countries of the world must know that if the wealth is not going to go to the people of the less privileged countries than those people will come to the wealth. It is that simple.
Given the history of ethnic cleansing in Germany, it is of paramount importance that German politicians educate their people about this fact. The sooner it is realised that the time of ethnically homogeneous countries is over, the better it will be for the future peace & prosperity of Germany and other European countries.

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  1. Wow, thank you. We must be educated by our politicians to not repeat the holocaust and that germany - in the heart of europe, a federation with excessive differences in language, custom and culture between its regions - only now gets immigration and an "unpure" makeup. Look at a map and tell me there never was french immigration to germany, no slav immigration to germany, no scandinavian immigration to germany. Ruhrpoles, frisians, danes, sorbs, roma and sinti, hugenots...

    Oh wait... german history starts 1933 and ends 1945.

    Benjamin, Germany

  2. Thanks Benjamin for your comment on this post. off course there was immigration to German speaking areas before but the nature of that immigration was different. People who migrated were in smaller numbers and were broadly white & Christian. The transfer of population was slow and gradual. That gave the society enough time to absorb the new arrivals and integration never became an issue. But the new wave is from a different background. Numbers are high and concentrated in larger cities of the country which gives them less of an incentive to integrate or learn German. Children born to Turkish parents mainly follow Islam when they grow up. It will take longer for them to fully become part of the host society and may take at least couple of generations. It will also depend on the host's acceptance of these new Germans. That does not mean that they are any less German as anyone who is born & bred in Germany is son of the soil and must be treated as such.


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