It is Time For the American to Admit Defeat In Afghanistan & Leave Pakistan Alone

By Sikander Hayat
Today America has attacked Pakistan again showing all the arrogance of an evil empire. Breaking every international law in the process and treating an ally like an enemy. It would be more palatable if America declares Pakistan an enemy and then kill us. We would than know who to fight against.The Taliban or the so called allies. Imran Khan has been saying this from the day one and now the popular public opinion is agreeing with him that our true enemies are the American government and not the Afghans.
America is trying to forge an alliance which has all the enemies of Pakistan in it ranging from India and present puppet government of Afghanistan. Now openly killing Pakistani officers and soldiers in cold blood is basically telling Pakistanis to fuck off and may be this is time for our leaders to wake up from their deep sleep and tell the Americans to  stay in Afghanistan if they can on their own. This alliance must not go no any longer and must end now.


  1. Pakistan has now asked the United States army to vacate the Shamsi Airbase within 15 days and has stopped the NATO supply routes. Also, Americans and their Afghan puppet government has come up with a concocted story that they were conducting an operation in Pakistani territory and they came under fire.
    Even if this is considered true, how can you justify entering another country, conducting operation and then expecting that nobody will fire at you.
    Lies, lies and more lies by Americans.


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