'Cash-for-policy' boast is a deep offence against democracy - Cameron and Osborne must have been aware of what was going on – even if they were not privy to Cruddas's earthy style

The chief mystery in the latest cash-for-access scandal is how Peter Cruddas was ever appointed Tory treasurer and doorkeeper to Downing Street influence for a donation of a mere £1.2m. For a rich City dealer and one-time Monaco resident, he was an accident waiting to happen. David Cameron and George Osborne should have demanded £10m at least.
Once again the poison of ambition has impregnated British party fundingand claimed another victim. At first sight, the idea of paying £250,000 to join a "premier league" of donors who may kiss the hem of power might seem unobjectionable. As in the case of access to Prince Andrew, if some people will pay large sums to rub shoulders with celebrity, so be it. It is simpler than supertax. The sums involved pale against those now tormenting US presidential politics and clearly corrupting the processes of Congress.

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