1. Balochistan government is going to set up a board of investment (BoI) to attract industrial investment and generate employment for the youth, said Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik.

    During his visit to Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Sunday, Mr Malik said the province is already preparing BoI’s terms of reference.

    He urged the LCCI to submit its proposals for establishing Balochistan Board of Investment (BBoI).

    The chief minister said industries and businesses operating in Lasbela should pay income and sales tax at Hub so that revenue collection of the province is enhanced.He assured that full protection would be given to industrialists and businessmen investing in Balochistan and all necessary security measures would be taken to ensure peaceful and extortion-free environment in the industrial areas.

    Mr Malik directed provincial departments to closely coordinate with the LCCI for developing concept papers on setting up of seafood city, iron city and dates city in the province because all these projects would have indigenous raw material for value-addition.

    The chief minister said his government would give all-out assistance and support for setting up these cities to create jobs for the youth of the province and to earn valuable foreign exchange for the country.

    He asked industrialists to give financial support to vocational institutes and also to the Lasbela University of Marine Sciences and Water Management at Uthal so that well-educated and useful people could be available for the industry.

    Dr Malik agreed to set up a technical training center at Hub so that youth of the area could be imparted with such skills and know-how which could be useful for the industries.

    Speaking on the occasion, LCCI President Ismail Suttar drew the attention of the chief minister towards the building of Hub Bypass whose PC-1 had been approved and only allocation of funds would be needed.

    He also proposed to make RCD highway, passing through Hub city, encroachment-free to ensure smooth flow of Gwadar port traffic, ship-breaking traffic, industrial traffic and public transport.

    Mr Suttar also proposed that the water from K-3 project may be provided for domestic use at Hub as pipeline has been already laid down and no further funds would be needed to be spent by the provincial government.

    He said this was necessary because raw water form the Hub Dam being contaminated was causing diseases like hepatitis and other ailments to the poor people of the area.


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