Bomb leaves Beirut residents in shock

Rubble and the twisted, burning wreckage of several cars filled the central Beirut street where the bomb exploded, ripping the facades and balconies off buildings.
Ashrafieh resident Rana Chalhoub expressed shock at the car bomb.
One resident of the area where the bomb exploded, Tarek Zaza, expressed his security concerns. "Lebanon is not stable it seems, and there is no political unity, so this is really scary." he said.
The attack is seen as being a sign that Syria's civil war is dragging its volatile neighbour into the conflict.
Wissam al-Hassan had led an investigation that implicated Syria and Hezbollah in the assassination of former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri.
Hassan, a Sunni Muslim who was close to Hariri, also helped uncover a bomb plot that led to the arrest and indictment in August of a pro-Assad former Lebanese minister, in a setback for Damascus and its Lebanese allies including Hezbollah.
Lebanon's religious communities are divided between those supporting Assad and those backing the rebels, leaving it vulnerable to spillover from the Syrian bloodshed.
The bombing was the most serious to hit the capital since Hariri's 2005 assassination and prompted Sunni Muslims to take to streets across the country, burning tyres and blocking roads in a show of sectarian anger.

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  1. Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group says one its senior commanders, Hassan Lakkis has been murdered in Beirut, possibly by Israel or may be by the Syrian rebels who blame Hezbollah for the atrocities committed by the Shia militias in Syria against Sunni Rebels. Iran has denied helping the government troops in Syria but rebels do not believe this statement and continue to put Iran & Iranian backed Hezbollah group for the killing of Sunnis in Syrian civil war. This murder will further deteriorate the Shia Sunni relations in middle east.


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