Sanctions Pushing Iran to Talks - Nazila Fathi, Foreign Policy

Feeling the Pain in Tehran

As sanctions bite, some of Iran's leaders are signaling a willingness to come back to the negotiating table.

Iran Israel War
Iran'sMinistry of Intelligence did something remarkable last month: It used its website to publish a report (link in Farsi) calling for direct talks with the country's foe, the United States. In the report, entitled "The ZionistRegime's Reasons and Obstacles for Attacking Iran," the traditionally hawkish ministry highlighted the benefits of diplomacy and negotiations with the UnitedStates: "One way to fend off a possible war is to resort to diplomacy and to use all international capacities."
The authors took care to draw a line between the approaches currently taken towards Iran's nuclear program by the U.S. and Israel, Iran's archenemy. President Obama, the report's authors wrote, "hopes to solve this issue peacefully and through diplomacy" -- in contrast to Israel, which, it said, favors a unilateral strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. By implementing "severe sanctions," the report contended, Obama is actually trying to control the situation without resorting to military action. The text concluded that there is a high risk of war and "it is an unforgiveable sin not to prevent it."

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