What Is Wrong With British Economy?

What Is Wrong With British Economy?

By Sikander Hayat

British Economic Problems
Well, the economic situation is pretty dire at the moment. Double dip recession & worst have visited UK with looming referendum on Scottish independence in 2014 makes matter even worse. If Scotland goes ahead & becomes an independent nation, that will take away a huge chunk of territory, prestige & oil reserves from UK. Jobs are pretty scarce where hard working people all around the country are trying to make ends meet with their limited resources. Times are hard but government is not coming up with any answers & it seems that nobody in the corridors of powers knows the answer to the troubles.
UK recession
Lack of demand in the economy is not being offset by the increasing exports resulting in decreased output & more people working part time waiting for the good times to come back.
It seems that we need to find new markets for our products and these markets are not likely to be in Europe for next few years.


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