Is Pakistan Army Using Tahir Ul Qadri To Delay Elections?

Recently Tahir Ul Qadri announced that he is going to lead a 4 million march to Islamabad to change the political system of Pakistan. He has also said that until his demands are met, he will not return from Islamabad. Not a very pretty thought for the people of Islamabad.
So who is acting behind the scenes here? Who has asked Allama Qadri to return to Pakistan after a fairly long period of self exile? Who is forcing MQM to back him in his quest to bring revolution to Pakistan? There are so many questions but very few answers.
Tahir Qadri
Two possible behind the scene actors here are Pakistan Army & guys from ISI but the puzzling question has to be this: Why now? Now that current government’s term is nearing an end and it will legally cease to exist from mid March 2013. Why end something which is ending anyway. It seems that army is terrified of the prospect that Nawaz Sharif might return to power and keeping in mind that this Nawaz Sharif is anti military activism in Pakistan’s policy making arena and will not be run like a puppet by the military, army may be hedging its bets here.
Pakistan army political interference
Pakistan army is trying to prop up as many actors as possible to make the next parliament a hung parliament. The funny thing is that parties which are currently enjoying being part of the government are also marching against their own government! The fact that Functional League, Sindhi nationalists, MQM and even Q Leaguers are joining hands with Qadri in his march on Islamabad is giving out a very clear message: Establishment will not allow Pakistan Peoples Party & Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) back in power. They will try to coble together as grand an alliance as possible to either not let the elections happen in the first place and in case elections do take place, to get a majority with this rag tag bunch of establishment parties.
Pakistan army political interference
I strongly believe that although the end result that establishment is trying to achieve may in their eyes be a noble one (ridding Pakistan of corrupt political practices) but any hindrance in free & fair elections happening in Pakistan will put the country back decades. Pakistan Army is playing with fire here. They must not interfere in the political process as their meddling in last 65 years has not given Pakistan anything but instability, poverty, hunger and total social collapse. Once more they are tying the same tried & failed formula and hoping to get the different results.
Pakistan army political interference
These same politicians will go back to the people after looting the country, as pseudo victims and will get the sympathy vote again. It is time that army learn the lessons and stop backing its own horses in the political life of Pakistan. Sooner they stop doing it; sooner the political system of Pakistan will mature and get rid of corrupt politicians.
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