Who Is Responsible For The Killing Of Hazara Shias In Quetta?

By Sikander Hayat

Hazara Shia Killing In Quetta Pakistan

It has been a trend now for few years that Shias are killedin Pakistan. Their mosques are attacked and their general life & well being is under threat. Groups like Sipah-e-Sihaba & Laskar-e-Jhangvi are wreaking havoc all over Pakistan. But the killings of Hazras in Quetta have reached a level where it is no longer possible for the people or the government ofPakistan to ignore the problem. Pakistan is generally stuck in a downward spiral but sectarianism is reaching the heights where it should never have been allowed to reach. It is easy to blame this and that for this issue and some would say that army is responsible for Pakistan's ills. Mullahs are blamed. From A to Z, from heavens to earth everything is blamed for the ills of Pakistan. Some would blame Saudi Arabia & Iran for fighting a proxy war in Pakistan. I agree with all/most of these reasons but I also want of bring your attention to another very important reason for the ills of Pakistan.
Hazara Shia Killing In Quetta Pakistan
We the people of Pakistan have made our hearts so small that nobody who deviates from our definition of Islam is considered a heretic, a nonMuslim. Pakistani society in the last 20 or so years has completely transformed itself from a tolerant yet religiously observant society to the one which is still observant but wants to take away the right to life for everyone who does not conform to people's own personal, narrow & selfish definition of Islam.

Hazara Shia Killing In Quetta Pakistan
Islam was once the dominant force in the world because it was all including, not a narrow dogma but a forward looking code which freed women, slaves & all minorities from the shackles of the time. Islam made ita duty for every Muslim to learn knowledge of this world & the cosmos. Islam wants the people to look beyond stars and galaxies but we are insistent on plumbing the depths of inhumanity & barbarism.

Pakistanis, this is a time for some introspection and to ask some difficult questions of our own selves.

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  1. The political parties have been continuing forging alliance for seat to seat adjustment in different areas for local government elections scheduled on December 7.
    Political sources told APP, here on Monday that nine political parties including Pakistan Muslim League-N, PML-Q, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Awami National Party, Balochistan National Party, Hazara Democratic Alliance have forged alliance limited to Quetta city for seat to seat adjustment.
    It is likely that the elected chief of Quetta Metropolitan Corporation might be chosen from PML-N or PkMAP while JUI-F could also not be ignored that has been enjoying heavy support of its voters and supporters in Quetta.
    In Pishin and Qila Abdullah districts, the main contest would be held between candidates of two factions of JUI and PkMAP, but the division in JUI in shape of two factions including JUI-F and JUI-N would benefit PkMAP. The Awami National Party might take few seats in these districts as it had forged alliance with JUI-F.
    In Khuzdar region, four parties including PML-N, BNP-Awami and JUI-F has forged seat to seat adjustment alliance, causing difficulties for BNP-Mengal that was also facing opposition by some local tribal groups.
    In Kalat district, seat to seat adjustment alliance between three political parties including PML-N, JUI-F, BNP has been made and their some candidates were withdrawn.
    In Nasirabad, Sibi division and two districts of Dera Bugti and Kohlu, PML-N might clinch majority in results of the local bodies' elections as heavy weight local tribal chieftains and politicians had joined PML-N.
    The noted political figures from local tribes including Jamali, Domki, Bugti, Marri, Abro and others were active leaders of PML-N and they had fielded candidates from their families and friend on the ticket of PML-N for contesting local government elections.
    PML-Q may take seats from Zhob division where PML-Q provincial president and Provincial Minister, Sheikh Jaffar Mandokhel had his political influence. However, three others political parties including two factions of JUI and PkMAP have also their remarkable political influence in these areas.
    PML-Q has also its vote bank in Kharan district where its provincial general secretary, Abdul Karim Nosherwani has his political influence among local people. After that, influential tribal elders had joined PML-Q, it is likely that the party would take some seats in LB elections in Baloch belt.
    Although, National Party has its roots in three districts of Makran division including Gwadar, Turbat and Panjgur, however, it would have to face strong opposition by BNP-Awami.
    Official sources in the Provincial Election Commission Balochistan told this scribe that ballot papers have been transported to several districts. " The ballot papers we received from Islamabad have been distributed to about all districts while they were transported to sensitive districts through helicopters," they said.
    Copyright APP (Associated Press of Pakistan), 2013

  2. The author is a bit of an idiot.

    Sunnis dont want to be marginalized in their own house when they are the majority.

    Everyone can understand this.

    1. Hi Bishkek Almaty,

      Thanks for your comment and visiting this forum. I hope that you will add to the discussion in future as well.

      Sikander Hayat


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