British Pakistanis Are Corrupt? Dominic Grieve Of The Conservative Party Blames The Whole Pakistani Community

By Sikander Hayat

Tories are turning into their normal self and there cannot be a better example of this than the statement by Dominic Grieve that Pakistanis living in UK are the only corrupt community in this country. Pakistanis are part of the British mainstream and are no more corrupt than any other part of the wider british society. There are anti corruption laws in this country and if there is any individual who is involved in any such activity must be punished. I have few question that I need to ask of Mr Grieve to understand the “special” roles that British Pakistanis play in the corruption story in United Kingdom:

  1. How many bankers who robbed this country and brought it to near financial collapse were of Pakistani origin?
  2. How many members of parliament who fiddled their expenses were of Pakistani origin?
  3. How many policeman who were taking money from newspapers to sell stories were of Pakistani origin?
  4. How many journalists who hacked people’s personal phones and destroyed lives for money were of Pakistani origin?
  5. How many people who get prosecuted in United Kingdom for tax evasion are of Pakistani origin?
  6. How many people who get caught claiming benefits in this country who are not entitled to them are of Pakistani origin?
  7. How many tax exiles who have businesses in UK but live offshore and pay no tax are of Pakistani origin?

Data is available from courts all over United Kingdom. How many Pakistanis have been prosecuted for corruption and what is percentage of others. Blaming British Pakistanis for an increasing social ill will not resolve the problem. There is a problem in British society and that is Muslim bashing in general and Pakistan bashing in particular.
Conservative party is harking back to the infamous Enoch Powell by blaming a particular community for the ills of the society. These are cheap tactics to appease the Far Right in this country.
Tories are mindful of UKIP making gains in upcoming EU elections and want to make sure that enough hatred is spewed against British Pakistanis to make sure that extreme right voters find racist views of the Tory right in line with their own and vote Tory.
This is not the way to run a civilized country as this country has laws and those laws apply equally to everyone in the society. If someone is involved in corruption, that person and that person only is responsible, not the whole segments of society. Shame on you, Mr Grieve. Shame on you.



  1. How unsurprising that immigrants bring the ways of the old homeland with them. Corruption is the way of life in their countries of origin, and this has been warned against for years: mass immigration from the Third World will drag civilized Europe down to its level. But each time somebody suggested this, he was vilified as a racist, fascist, and islamophobe. So now embrace the corruption that you have brought upon yourselves, you who urged the immigration of non-Western people to the civilized world.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Thanks for your comment. I believe that corruption is not a non-white / third world problem only. Corruption flourishes wherever the rule of law loses it grip on the society and populace. There is a general point about immigration from Eastern Europe which it seems that you are in favour of because corruption in your view is not a white issue. Immigration to United Kingdom from Poland ( a white country) has been on a scale which has not been witnessed by the British Isles for generations. Impact on public services, increased pressure on schools and NHS is a problem because of the recent white immigration not the non white population. Lets resolve the problems by applying the rule of law equally on all people because problems like corruption are universal and each individual is responsible for their wrong doing, not the whole ethnic groups. I would like to thank once again for visiting this forum and adding to the discussion.

      Sikander Hayat

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog about immigration. I've read yours with interest and think that the questions you ask are pertinent and make the point that corruption is not confined to any one social group in Britain. It's always unfortunate and politically inept when ministers make statements without thinking about their implications (nothing new there then).

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for visiting this forum and making a contribution to the discussion. I agree with you that politicians in general and attorney general in particular should always work to uphold the rule of law and not peddle the lines propagated by the far right (English defence league, British National Party) and soft far right like UKIP. Pakistanis have been on the receiving end since 9/11 and do not deserve the wrath of British press like Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Express etc which always looking to find a Muslim angle in every bad story to malign a whole religious community. With Scottish independence referendum looming in 2014, Great Britain needs more social cohesion, not less. Britain is stronger together and we must not let some individuals to destroy the social harmony which is part of the fabric of this great nation. Once again thanks for your comment and I hope that you will visit this forum in the future as well.

      Kind Regards
      Sikander Hayat


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