Great Britain & European Union – Do You Want Britain To Be Part of The EU?

By Sikander Hayat

Britain has always defined itself as the “other” in Europe. Throughout its history, it has feared and guarded against an invasion from the mainland Europe. It has fought for influence with its neighbours in the other parts of the world.  It is too much to ask that just after 60 years of peace that the country changes its mindset completely. Constant Europe bashing by the British press does not help either. Every single day, newspapers are full of stories on how “idiots” in Brussels have come up with some ridiculous rule.
You will have to work really hard to find any positive news about Britain’s association with Europe. I personally believe that both sides of the argument are overstating their case. There are good arguments on both sides and if the country decided to go one way or the other, it will do well.

Following are the reasons why Britain can easily hold its own outside of the EU:

With current growth rates, Britain is going to become the largest population in Europe in next couple of decades.
Due to the same reason, UK will have the largest economy in Europe in next couple of decades.
Britain as an Island has been very open to the world outside Europe with strong association with South Asia, Arabian Gulf, Australasia and North America.
Due to a strong bond of common language, there is more mutual understanding between UK, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India/Pakistan than between UK & any of her European partners.
European Union project was devised to stop future wars by pooling of resources. UK wants to keep it to that and not turn it into a political union.

Following are the reasons why Britain will do equally well inside European Union.

First reason is the same, population gives UK clout that will make it one of the leaders of EU, more seats in European parliament; more say on the big tables.
Arguably, UK is the least xenophobic country in Europe and in its ethnic mix, it looks more like United States of America than Germany or other parts of mainland Europe. This cultural mix and dynamism gives UK the chance to be a shining example within EU being part of a club but in the front row.
EU has a population of 500 million and that gives UK unrestricted access to this market and in principle should create some jobs in this country.
More businesses which are looking to locate themselves in Europe will come to Britain if they knew that UK was part of wider European project.
European Union legal harmonization helps global businesses in their decision to make UK home, creating jobs in the process.

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