Who Is Fuelling Shia Sunni Violence In Pakistan?

By Sikander Hayat

Pakistan is on a dangerous path as more people have died today in Kohat in Shia Sunni violence. Pakistan is in a danger of becoming a battlefield between Shia & Sunni after Iraq & Syria. Who is behind this sudden violence, I do not know but I do know that people of Pakistan do not deserve this. Pakistan is fighting so many battles at the same time with Indian fueled terror in Balochistan & Waziristan and Mafia killings in Lyari.

Pakistanis are ripped apart from inside and outside by friends and enemies in the form of friends. The proxy battle that Saudi Arabia & Iran have waged in Pakistan for last 30 years has now become a full blown battle. Pakistan’s rulers need to use iron fist to quell this monster because if the things get out of hand and then Syria / Iraq will look timid in comparison.



  1. Now it has been proved that we have a common enemy so we should unite.
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    1. Hi Kamran,

      Thanks for your comment. Shia Sunni violence has indeed become a big issue in Pakistani politics. There is a need for eternal vigilance by the common people to root out those who spread hatred. It is not only the responsibility of the Pakistani state apparatus but the people need to act responsibly as well. Pakistan cannot have states within state and all these religious sects are currently commanding more loyalty from people than the state itself. Freedom requires eternal vigilance. This statement applies to Pakistan.

      Once again, thanks for visiting this forum and sharing your thoughts.

      Sikander Hayat


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