9 Things on Which I Agree With Imran Khan

By Sikander Hayat  

1.  Pakistan must not be governed by family dynasties like that of Zardari Bhuttos & Sharifs

2.       Merit must be the only qualification for getting into government posts 

3.       Everyone must declare their assets (held inside Pakistan & in foreign countries) before they come into public office. These figures must be verified by election commission and when that leader leaves office, he/she must declare what they have acquired in terms of wealth during their stay in office. 

4.       Election commission must be free and able to hold free elections without pressure from anyone

5.       Pakistan army must never interfere in the government’s work 

6.       All corrupt government officials must be brought to justice 

7.       Education must be free and of good quality uptill the primary level so that everyone can read & write 

8.       Health services must be revamped and along with education  should get a major share of budget 

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  1. Dear Sikhander, after the grew some attacks on a school in kpk would you like to publish an article containing your view on this? Since there was an article were you stated this cross border terrorism can't go on for years. Now 5 years passed and the methods have become worse than ever. Appreciate your input.
    Thank you

    1. Regarding your comment about Peshawar school attack, all I can say is that I feel so numb and lost for words that I cannot bring myself to write anything. Pakistan face a decision time, either we keep living with the poisonous ideology of ignorance or we fight it. I do not blame the common man because he does not have the power and the only people who can make the difference are army & the government of Pakistan. The butchery shown by so called Muslims in Peshawar cannot be allowed to go on and it must end now. I'll try to write on this issue but I have to find the courage from somewhere.


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