Can Rohit Sharma Win 2015 World Cricket World Cup For India?

By Sikander Hayat

Rohit Sharma has scored a brilliant hundred against Australia in Melbourne in tri-nation series. He has scored 138 runs and single handedly took India out of trouble when they were three down for 50 odd runs. With Virat Kohli getting out cheaply, it fell to Rohit Sharma & Suresh Raina to cement the innings and take India to a total which can be defended.
India now has a good chance in this match but still it is a 50 50 chance as they wasted last few overs and could not reach 300. Stark took six wickets and he proved too difficult for Indian tail enders.

Rohit Sharma has scored double hundreds in ODI cricket but scoring runs away from home especially in Australia against a quality opposition will give him huge confidence and could prove vital for the 2015 cricket world cup. India is trying to find a combination both in bowling and batting and this series will help india find that winning combination.
With this being Dhoni's last world cup, there is an added incentive for the captain to perform at the top of their game and make indian fans hugely happy.

Coming back to Rohit Sharma, he played a very good innings. He played shorts all around the wicket and more often than not played with the middle of the bat.
He was able to play the faster bowlers and spinners and equal ease and hit some beautiful shorts including some sixes.
If India can win todays match it will prove that they can defend totals which are not huge and will send signal to her opponents of indian teams intentions.
The test series between India & Australia which has just concluded showed too things:

1. India has a very strong batting line up which can post huge totals under most circumstances

2. India's bowling line up is very weak. Australia  managed to score above 400 on many occasions and won the series because Indian bowling left much to be desired.

The good thing about one day cricket is that bowlers do not need to get the other team out fully. All they have to do is to contain and make sure that Indian batsmen score more than the other side. This has been the prime reason why India is so good in one day cricket and t20 cricket while being mediocre in Test cricket on most occasions away from home.

At the moment india is missing an all out attack bowler. They need a spearhead for their attack and it is time for one of the faster men in the indian line up to put his hand up and bowl fast. If india can sort their bowling out, nobody can stop them and word cup 2015 will be won by India.

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