XLN Telecom Complaints Procedure - My Experience

By Sikander Hayat 

I have been a customer of XLN telecom for last few years on a plan which charges you £31.99 for unlimited national & international calls. Last month someone from XLN called me and told me that because I have used more than the fair share of minutes, XLN is going to change my package to 14.99 which will have six hundred national free minutes and nothing else.
I agreed with the suggestion and that I thought was the end of it. Next month, I received a bill for £771.00 which was a total shock and horror for me. A person who was used to pay £31 was being asked to pay £771. I called XLN telecom and explained to them what they have done. The person I spoke to said that he agreed with me and moved me to the person who sold me the new package. I had to explain the whole issue again although it was the same person who sold me the original product.
This person with the name of Alexander was really rude and told me bluntly that the bill was correct and I had to pay it. I tried to explain that as all calls were free under the previous package, XLN telecom cannot send me a backdated bill which contained the calls from previous package.
As this person was really rude, I asked to speak to his manager. A lady with the name of Sarah spoke to me and I once again explained the whole issue. She was polite but said that could not help me. I was shocked at this level of fraud on part of XLN telecom and did not know how to tackle the issue.

I sent an email to communication ombudsman and explained the issue to them. They replied promptly and asked for the deadlock letter from XLN telecom. I emailed XLN telecom and asked them that as they have refused my complaint, can they please forward me the deadlock letter so that communicationombudsman can make a decision on this issue.
After sending this email, I waited for a week and called XLN telecom. I was told that a person by the name of James was dealing with this issue. I left my number and James called me later. He accepted that he has listened to all the calls that took place between me & XLN telecom and will refund the money and apologised for the whole thing. I am thankful to him for his investigations and resolving the issue.

The reason for writing this is to explain to people that big companies often treat you as a number and do not really care about you. If you have been a victim of this kind of treatment at the hand of a corporation than please do not stop at just complaining to the involved company but pursue all the possible avenues for them to treat you as a person rather than a number.

I would request that if you have a similar experience, good or bad, please share below in the comments section to build up public awareness.  


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