France Tries To Stop Terror Funding By Bringing In Banking Reforms

The French finance minister, Michel Sapin, has announced a series of initiatives to improve the tracking of terrorism financing, Le Monde newspaper reports.

The measures include better supervision of prepaid bank cards, which the ministry believes played an important role in the preparation of the 13 November attacks.

The new measures will make it harder for card users to remain anonymous. Currently, prepaid cards can be recharged without identity checks, so long as they do not exceed 2,500 euros over one year, according to the AFP news agency.

"There are new means of payment which have been created which should be on our radar," Bruno Dalles, head of the finance ministry's Tracfin intelligence unit, told AFP.    Read the full story at


  1. France 🇫🇷 has nabbed a gang which was in the last stages of carrying out a terror attack. One female member had already made a video which was to be released after her death in terror attack.
    Any terror attack which takes place will strengthen Marine LePen in France and she can win the presidential elections.


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