Turkey, Iran & Pakistan Should Come Together To Create A Common Economic Zone

By Sikander Hayat 

Turks must abandon European dream as they have rejected again and again by Europeans. They must understand that they are too big and powerful for the EU to allow them in and by this time they must understand that not matter how secular they are or strive to be, the tag of being a Muslim country is hampering their dream. They must leave this notion and try to revive RCD so that Turkey, Iran and Pakistan can create an economic and ever closer political union and with 300 million people, this would be the most respected economic zone in the world.There are pre-requisites to this zone being established and must be fulfilled before anything like this could happen. In Pakistan, military must relinquish the rule and give the country back to civilians, Iran must get rid of its mullah regime to establish a secular forward looking Islamic country and Turkey must forget about being the member of the EU ( there must be a limit to humiliation). All three tasks are the most difficult but before Shah was toppled Iran, RCD was quite active and could have gone the way of ASEAN or even EU to give this region a coherence that it needs. After all Turks were once the holders of all this land between Bosporus and present day India. 

The movement must start from the grass roots by the people of all three countries and not by governments to create a secular, progressive and democratic Muslim region which can stand up as an example to all other Muslim countries and tell others that Muslims can live in a democracy. The most difficult step needs to be taken first and that is to either help reform (helping Iran reform from inside by its own people and a slow but sure path towards progression) or a counter revolution to bring people like Musadiq back into Iranian houses of power. Iran’s present state is the biggest hindrance in having any meaningful economic zone as the this regime’s habit of exporting ideology is at such a level that even Muslim countries don’t trust it. People like Khatami were pushed aside in favour of an idiot like Mahmood Ahmadinejad because the former wanted to reform and give some decency and civility back to Iranian people. If Iran stops exporting ideology to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia will stop funding the Sunni extremists in that country too as currently Saudis are afraid of Iran’s influence in its
neighbourhood which is now aiding and abetting Shiites within Saudi Arabia. USA had all the good intentions in Afghanistan and Iraq but by deposing Taliban and Saddam Hussein, it has given Iran what it wanted for a very long a time, a neighbourhood which is under its influence, apart from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan of which Saudis and Pakistanis are extremely concerned about Iran's growing power in their own societies. The present regime of Iran must be curtailed under all circumstances but politicians in US must understand that their rhetoric against Iran is counter productive as it gives the regime the legitimacy in the eyes of people by reminding them ofevil American rulers and their barbarity in Iraq. Once the present generation
of Iranians turn against US in particular and Europe in general than it will take another 40 years before there will be any hope for change. Iraq and Afghanistan has shown that US alone is not powerful enough to defeat the popular will of the people and once the people turn against any invading army then there is no way in the world in which that particular conflict could be won. 

That is why, all the Muslim countries who believe in freedom, must come out against Iran and let the people know that what the regime is doing is not Islamic by starving its own people of basic rights. Islam is not a weak religion that it will crumble if allowed to compete with other ideologies because this religion is at its strongest when it comes up against competing ideas and examples are increasingly pious and growing Muslim communities in Europe and USA.

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